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Make Money With Horses

Don Blazer

If making money is the means by which business success is measured, then “thinking” is the means by which business management is judged. Poor business management, poor profit picture. You have the right (always exercise it) to choose your responses, and your choices should be made only after careful “thought.” Well thought-out decisions may not always be perfect, but emotional, ego-driven, me-first choices are always wrong.

1. Be “proactive” rather than “reactive.” Nothing empowers you like knowledge. Gather the information you need; get the details. Seek advice. Take some time. Your decisions will lead to success if they are positive, forward steps rather than negative, defensive retreats.

2. Think “future.” Everything is great today, but good or bad, it won’t be the same tomorrow. The only constant is change. If you aren’t thinking of ways to benefit next year’s customers, you’re losing money and courting failure.

3. Concentration is the key to economic results. You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want. What is it you want? Choose what you love to do; focus on it; apply most of your time to achieving it; don’t compromise for something immediate but less than your dream.

4. Listen to your customers; then seek to understand exactly what it is they are telling you. Most of the time what they say is not what they mean. They want a “satisfaction,” but often can’t express it clearly. Discover the satisfaction they seek, offer it, and it’s easy to measure your business success by the money you are making.

5. Always find a “win-win” solution. Your customers must win. But to be successful, you also must win. Any solution less than win-win is not acceptable. Keep thinking; win-win is the basis for all creative, innovation business success.

No matter what your business choice, you are always selling the potential to satisfy a desire. Those who achieve the greatest success do it by find a way of turning “potential” into “reality”.

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Reprinted with permission from Don Blazer.
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