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Right Balance - For better hooves and healthier coats

Product Spotlight

Introducing a revolutionary new nutritional supplement for better hooves and healthier coats - Right-Balance™ from Mustad. Right-Balance™ is a specially formulated equine supplement featuring ZINPRO® (Zinc Methionine), Biotin, and Vitamin E.

Right-Balance™ helps...

build & maintain hoof wall integrity
increase hoof growth
restore hair quality and luster

Available as heart-shaped cookie treat or in pellet form, Right-Balance™ is made from natural ingredients including alfalfa, wheat flour, rolled oats and dried molasses. The positive results of this delicious, digestible and totally natural supplement are often dramatic, and can be seen in as little as 6 to 8 weeks! Plus, they are shipped with Ageless® oxygen absorber packets to preserve vitamins and nutritional value.

Key ingredients of Right-Balance™ Equine Treats and Supplement that is beneficial for hoof, skin, and coat quality

Right-Balance™ Equine Treats and Supplements are a palatable, digestible source of organic zinc (ZINPRO®) formulated to provide a nutritious natural supplement for your horse. Zinc is essential for optimum hoof, skin and coat health. Supplement ingredients include wheat middlings, corn, dehydrated alfalfa meal, soya meal, zinc methionine (Zinpro®), limestone, molasses, soya lecithin mix, monodical phosphate, biotin, calcium propionate, apple flavor (appleade), vitamin E, anti-oxidant. Treat ingredients include wheat flour, rolled oats, alfalfa meal, zinc methionine (Zinpro®), zinc lysine, dry molasses, biotin, vitamin E, anti-oxidant and vegetable oil.

There are no artificial colors or preservatives used.

Right-Balance™ Equine Treats and Supplements improve hoof, skin, and coat quality.

Right-Balance™ Equine Treats and Supplements have as their active ingredients:

“Zinpro”, zinc methionine, is an organic form of zinc that is readily available for assimilation into body tissues.
Biotin, a B vitamin
Vitamin E