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Horses Never Lie Book

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Building on the primary concept of his previous books--looking at the world from the horse's point of view---Mark Rashid clearly defines the difference between alpha and passive leaders. He explains how to be a passive leader and illustrates with compelling stories how horses can change from being indifferent or unwilling participants to becoming enthusiastic partners.

Mark Rashid has ridden and trained horses since the age of ten. Over many years of observing horses, he has studied the dynamics of horses within the herd. Identifying the alpha horse is simple--it's the one that dominates through fear and intimidation, controlling the other horses by kicking, biting and charging. The alpha horse forces its will on other members of the herd. It's the horse that stands apart, mainly because other horses are afraid of it. Rashid argues convincingly that you should not seek to become the alpha leader. Instead, you should strive to become a passive leader--a reflection of the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to be around and to follow.

As he did in Considering the Horse and A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color, Rashid uses tales of his experiences with real horses, delivered with a sense of humor and an overriding compassion for the horse. His trademark anecdotes reach back to when he was a youngster under the mentorship of "the old man" and continue to his experiences today as a horse trainer and a popular clinician who has traveled the world to present programs to enthusiastic horse owners.

This book teaches you how to become your horses chosen leader. It's a must read for all horse owners who care about the kind of partnerships they have with their horses.

Mark Rashid is the author of Considering the Horse, which has been translated into German and Swedish, and A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color. He gives horse training clinics throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. He lives in Estes Park, CO.

Horses Never Lie is now available from State Line Tack.