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Product Spotlight

One Step, One Solution Many horses face wear and tear from rapid growth, aging, training, and competition. Maintaining the horse’s lubrication system is one key to successful care. Science has found that certain nutrients are key building blocks in the horse’s natural lubricants and articular cartilage. New Equinyl GL™ provides a powerful and concentrated supply of the most popular of these ingredients, for a simple and highly effective one-step solution that targets support where horses need it most. Your days of mixing and matching chondroprotective supplements are over! Equinyl GL™ puts it all together for you in one affordable scoop!

Packed With Glucosamine Equinyl GL™ delivers the natural, absorbable compounds that nourish and enhance nature’s own lubrication pathways. The Equinyl GL™ formula starts with a minimum of 7,000 mg glucosamine hydrochloride per ounce, purified from natural marine sources. Glucosamine’s impact on chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid production was first studied over forty years ago. More recently, European researchers compared glucosamine to anti-inflammatory drugs and placebos in people, in over a dozen successful clinical trials. Today, thanks to extensive scientific investigation and wide use around the world, glucosamine enjoys an excellent reputation as a useful connective tissue nutrient. The body must perform a series of reactions to make glucosamine on its own. Scientists believe this is the main “rate-limiting step” in making GAG lubricants. When additional collagens and lubricants are needed, the rate-limited glucosamine supply may fail to keep up with demand.

With the Benefits of Vita Flex® MSM Vita Flex® MSM has been a trusted standard for pure, high quality methylsulfonylmethane for more than a decade. MSM is a natural sulfur nutrient found in low levels in raw foods. Sulfur from MSM is used in the formation of numerous protein-based structures in the body, including hair, nails and connective tissues. MSM has attracted considerable medical interest, in part because it is the prime metabolite of DMSO. A recent veterinary trial explored the impact of MSM on inflammation in horses.

Vitamin C Power Ester-C® provides a vitamin C delivery system that is scientifically demonstrated to generate better vitamin C activity than conventional vitamin C supplements. Studies show that the vitamin C in Ester-C® is better absorbed, maintains higher blood levels, and lasts longer in the body than conventional ascorbic acid. Ester-C® also buffers the acid of vitamin C to achieve a neutral pH and includes naturally-occurring threonate metabolites patented to improve the use of vitamin C by the body. Reports from biochemical, laboratory animal, and human clinical research confirm the benefits of Ester-C®’s unique technology.

Zinc, Copper, and Manganese During growth, repair, and injury, these essential trace minerals are in demand for the creation of enzymes that regulate collagen and GAG production. Equinyl GL™ supplies balanced proportions to help support optimum lubricant nutrition.

Recommended Feeding Feed 2 ounces (2 scoops) daily for three to four weeks. Feed ˝ to 1 ounce (˝ to 1 scoop) for maintenance. Store sealed in cool, dry place. One ounce scoop enclosed.