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Purina Mills to Host Nation's Largest Horse Owner Educational Event, In Towns Across America

Press Release

Officials for Purina Mills Horse Business Group announced plans to roll out their largest horse event of the year. The Purina Mills Horse Owner’s Workshop will give horse enthusiasts in markets across the country the opportunity to hear about the latest in equine nutrition, veterinary care and training tips, from expert clinicians.

The Workshops will be hosted by local Purina Mills dealers, with assistance from the Purina Mills Horse Business Group. In addition to speakers provided by Purina Mills, the Workshops will also feature local American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) veterinarians, who will speak on overall horse health issues specific to local and regional markets.

The Purina Mills Horse Owner's Workshop gives horse enthusiasts the chance to get first-hand information and interact with equine feed specialists and horse professionals in a local setting.

It's really something special when you can get this type of talent to speak at local events," said Scott King, DVM, Purina Mills' Marketing Manager. "A program such as this one, reaching out to people who really care about their horses, is Purina Mills way of giving back to our local dealerships and their horse customers on a grass roots level. This is how a large corporation like Purina Mills maintains its hometown feel."

In addition to what they will learn, horse owners who attend Horse Owner's Workshop Events will receive a coupon sheet filled with money-saving offers on a variety of equine products and a chance to enter for sweepstakes prizes including a new Exiss horse trailer and one of several new John Deere Gators.

Purina Mills officials will also encourage local horse owners to take the Omolene Challenge. This trial feeding program offers horse owners the opportunity to get two free bags of Omolene premium horse feed when they buy two bags, providing essentially a month's supply of feed for a horse. Purina Mills claims that by feeding Omolene, the horse will start to show a shinier coat, improved overall health, and better physical appearance in as little as 30 days.

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