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4 Seasons Horse Herbal Blend

Horse Health Product Spotlight

Allow your horse to graze in the lushest meadow. This blend of high-quality and fragrant-fresh herbs help promote well-being as nature intended. Boosting the immune system and overall health, they also provide a natural bug repellent. Fed along with hay or pasture, 4 Seasons completes their nutritional program; simply mix with high-quality grain or other feed at a rate of 2/3 cup per day. The seasonal formula changes four times a year to support the changing needs of your horse. The Spring formula contains a blend of cleavers, dandelion, peppermint, rosehips, garlic, calendula flowers, sea vegetables, milk thistle seed and horehound. 2.2-lb. bag (lasts approx. one month for one horse.) Back In The Saddle Exclusive.

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Back In The Saddle is the leader in gifts and apparel for us horse lovers. Whether you are looking for a horse necklace for yourself, a serving platter for the kitchen, sheets for your bed, even a horse tire swing for the kids, they have it all. They even carry a nice collection of Ariat sportswear. Looking for a collectible? Back In The Saddle carries a full line of Breyer Model horses and the Trail of Painted Ponies, all new for 2004.