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Colt Starting on the Dude String

Laurel, Horse Tack Review Reader

This is a story written by one of our readers, Laurel. Everyone who submits a story will also be entered into our monthly tack giveaways! But enough about that... Let's hear from Laurel now... Here is my story. I call it 'Colt Starting on the Dude String'

Lately we've had some entertainment in the neighborhood as a dude string has moved in next door. They operate trail rides into the local equestrian park. The horses work hard, but when they come back from a ride they are turned out with the herd to munch grass contentedly and cavort and chase one another around. The dude string has teenaged wranglers working with the horses and it gives us hours of amusement watching them have fun with the horses.

This week I was chatting over the fence with the dude string operator who is a cowboy from Saskatchewan. We started taking about colt starting. He asked me if I had noticed a young draft cross mare in the pasture. He said that she had never been saddled. So last weekend he decided to throw a saddle on her and send her out with the dude string. He had just lined up a dude to put on her when he said, "She (the horse) had a funny look in her eye so I decided I should get on her before I put a dude on her. Well I'm glad I did. She bucked four or five times--not hard mind you, but then settled right down. The dude I had lined up wouldn't get on her though". He said this with a snort, a laugh, and a twinkle in his eye.

Now that is laid back colt starting!