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EZ-Travel Supplements

Horse Health Product Spotlight

If you're a weekend rider, your horse might not be ready for a trail ride when you are. Give him EZ-Travel 20 minutes before your ride. Your equine partner will be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed but relaxed and so will you. EZ-Travel is great for trailering, too. It's all natural and contains no drugs.

Quad-Action; All-in-one feed supplement for good horse nutrition. Ideal for use during trailering or any stressful situation. Nutritional source of electrolytic minerals. Magnesium is chelated for time release.

Direct fed microbials aid the horse's own digestive system. Increases the population of healthy intestinal bacteria. Helps reduce the risk of intestinal upset. Essential Fatty Acids help dry skin conditions and improve coat luster. Delivers easily digested caloric nutrients. Contains the calming mineral magnesium and other electrolytes. Safe for foals, adults and senior horses. Available in 30 gram single dose tubes.

Rio Vista(TM) EZ-Travel(TM) Horse Supplement

About Rio-Vista

Rio Vista Products favors a natural approach to animal care. We use the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients rather than industrial grade used by other animal care products.

We believe horses and dogs deserve the very best. Therefore, we produce the finest animal care products sold in tack, feed and pet stores. We back our commitment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rio Vista supports horse and canine events throughout North America and the world, with donations and monetary contributions.

When you purchase Rio Vista Products, a portion of every sale is set aside to finance The Rio Vista Fund. It assists organizations working to rehabilitate abused and mistreated horses and dogs. You can support this effort by purchasing products at your local tack, feed and pet stores.