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Nutritional Waste or Nutritional Benefit?

Horse Health Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - April 20, 2004 – – Equine Biomed, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona, announces the introduction of a brand new program that will make it easier and safer for you to feed your horse high-quality nutrients for preventative and optimal equine health. The EBI founders have met hundreds of clients who consistently faced common challenges and asked questions like; Does my horse really absorb and benefit from the supplements I feed, or do they simply pass through with little or no effect? Do I manage supplementation responsibly, feeding the right supplements to the right horses? Have I chosen a nutritional regimen that really delivers, or am I wasting time, money and effort?

The people behind Equine Biomed, Inc. (EBI) have decades of experience in all conceivable aspects of the equestrian world - and proactive equine care. In order to provide answers and solutions to the above questions they gathered a broad-based team of experts for thorough research. The team consisted of biochemists, Certified Nutritional Consultants, DVMs, formulators and proven specialists in high-end manufacturing. After passing rigid testing and working closely with horse owners and veterinarians alike, EBI finally introduces its Medallion™ Products. According to users, the following benefits drew them to this new equine health management program: EBI offers Guaranteed Content Analysis. Effectively, this means that the company warrants that every ingredient component listed on their labels truly comes with each product - in its purest and most potent form.

All Medallion™ products contain EBI’s proprietary Equizyme™ formula. This is an Active Enzyme Based Delivery and Absorption System. It ensures maximum nutrient uptake and utilization in your horse. In order to help users gain control throughout their nutrient supplementation, EBI also added a Color-Coded Feeding System. It simplifies your feeding practices, and makes them safer. The company offers simple color charts to all users. The charts allow you to create a customized version for as many horses as you want. Easy and safe to follow, with separate and distinguishable colors for all products, you can either provide the chart(s) to assistants that may help you feed. Or, you can use it yourself in order to stay on top of things.

Gail E. Gross of Steed Arabians in Cave Creek, Arizona states the following after taking part in EBI’s final testing: “Three months ago my 24 year old gelding appeared to be suffering from Cushing’s disease, was lame and looking pretty bad over-all. After 3 months of receiving Medallion™ Phyto Pro and Medallion™ Multi Pro he looks great! Just like his original, healthy self! My champion 13 year old stallion also seemed at the end of his career due to surgery, gimping around the arena. After 2 months on Medallion™ Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) and Medallion™ Multi Pro he is back to his smooth gaited normal, athletic self. You made a believer out of me.”

Says Caroline Smit, one of the EBI Founders: “We truly want to simplify people’s equine supplementation activities and drastically enhance nutritional benefits for the horses in their care. With maximum absorption and nutrient utilization, our friends in the industry will also enjoy less waste, and measurable changes in the horses they already put so much passion and effort into.” EBI is currently inviting trainers and veterinarians to partake in a beneficial Sponsor Program. Instead of merely asking these key industry groups for help in spreading the word, the company has decided to award them handsomely as they enable EBI to broaden its reach throughout North America. Preparations for entrance into the European theatre have also been implemented. This is the next phase for the EBI team and its Medallion™ line.

For more information, contact:
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