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SHOWTIME! the Book is Now Available

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For decades, teenage girls have been searching for this book! Now it's finally available in SHOWTIME!, the exciting, true life adventures of a group of kids who show their horses in beautiful Southern California. New author, Gayle Farmer, long time trainer and competitor herself, has written an action packed story about show jumping on the A Circuit that is presented from the young riders point of view.

DEL MAR, California. April 2004 - In an area already quite familiar with thoroughbred racing, another aspect of the horse world, in this case show jumping, is continuing to climb the ranks as one of the up and coming equine spectator sports of the area, and the Del Mar Fairgrounds, where the action takes place, is a lure to all horse lovers.

With the publication of Ms. Farmer’s first novel, we get the voyeur’s chance to enter the wealthy, privileged and in some cases, absolutely driven world of show jumping competition. SHOWTIME! is set in and around the Del Mar CA area. You’ll feel the tension, explore the exciting and often very complex explanations of the courses she presents, and even if you’ve never ridden a horse, you’ll still feel the thrill of victory, and the inevitable agony of defeat.

Ms. Farmers’ more that thirty years experience as a horse trainer equips her to take us behind the scenes to a world that she is familiar with. It is the real world for the lucky, privileged few, a world that is exclusive, where money is no object, and where winning takes more than just wanting.

The book is full of appealing, well developed characters with hopes and desires that all the money in the world can’t buy.

You will fall in love with Blair, the orphaned only child who longs for a mother, beautiful, talented Melanie, the achiever with the photographic memory and the lilting southern accent, and Shievon, perky, cute and determined to win.

Now add the prospect of a fictionalized presentation of real life events with lots of local color, and an accurate description of what life is like in the fantasy world that is reality for the characters involved, and you have SHOWTIME!

SHOWTIME at INDIO!, the second book in the series, continues where SHOWTIME! leaves off, concentrating on their next venue, Indio, California, where the best riders and horses on the West Coast complete for top money, medals and honors. SHOWTIME at INDIO! is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2004.

SHOWTIME! is the first in a series that young show jumping riders, as well as those who wish they could be, have been waiting for. SHOWTIME! is an excellent read for young adults, with good life lessons, great new characters to get to know, and a valid portrayal of the show jumping world. Not to mention, a heck of a lot of fun!

SHOWTIME! by Gayle Farmer, is available for sale and distribution.

SHOWTIME! - By Gayle Farmer - Copyright 2004 - ISBN#0-974728-0-6
Published by Omega Publications - Gayle and Jeff Farmer Owners

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