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Equissentials Full Seat Breeches

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Equissentials, Inc. manufacturers the most comfortable English and Western riding breeches for all disciplines, all seasons and all sizes. They carry 'stock sizes' of 3T-40 in regular, short and long lengths, fitting 95% of the population, however, their strong point is CUSTOM MADE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Equissentials, Inc. has provided us with a pair of their full seat breeches for review, and boy were we pleased!

The basic Equissentials style is a 'slip-on' with no buckles, zippers, velcro or snaps to get in the way. (These are available as options at an additional cost.) There is one joining seam that is offset to the front of the hip area, curving gently to the outside of the knee. This curve continues through the calf, accentuating the muscle. This creates a slenderizing look through the waist and upper thigh area, as no focus is drawn to the outside of the hips. No matter what your body shape or size, the pants provide for a flattering look and feel.

The waist band is 2.5 inches high, made of the same fabric as the pant with an additional layer of heavy Lycra insuring that the band will not slip down or stretch out for the life of the garment. The support is evenly distributed throughout the width of the band, eliminating the feeling of constriction through the midsection. The pant is finished at the anklebone, where it remains, whether wearing tall or short boots.

The full seat breeches that we tested are made of a French Terry fabric, a dense knit composed of 88% cotton and 12% Lycra. It has 120% 4-way stretch, allowing complete and total freedom of motion whether working around the barn or in the saddle. The fabric does seem heavy to touch, however, is specifically manufactured as a year round weight, best suited for temperatures from 25-75 degrees. The outside of the fabric has a matte appearance, while the inside has thousands of tiny loops that wick away moisture in the summer and provides an insulating barrier in the cooler months.

The full seat is a Deerskin Leather hand cut and sewn in a fashion that contours the hip area, rather than being rounded through the seat. The leather is carefully graded, selected and specially treated to remain soft and pliable, outlasting the fabric on average on a 4 to 1 ratio. After 3 or 4 years, when the fabric does wear out, Equissentials will remove and re-condition the leather and put it on new fabric for approximately 60% of the price of a new pair! After the fourth recycle, Equissentials will provide a free pair! In essence, you are only buying the leather once, a very good value.

Equissentials also offers maternity breeches! And after the birth of your child, will alter them into regular breeches at no charge other than shipping!

Caring for the breeches is simple, we filled up the bathtub, added Leather Therapy's Leather Laundry and let them soak. Equissentials can be washed in the machine with specific instructions to follow, but we found the bathtub to be much easier. Following their instructions will keep the breeches in top condition and does not void guarantees.

The Equissentials Full Seat Breeches performed just as they are advertised. As soon as you get into the saddle, you can feel the leather grip to the saddle leather, giving you a better feel and comfort. The full seat gives a contact between you and your horse like no other.

The worst thing that can happen with a pair of breeches is to have too much excess fabric at the knee which will cause chafing after an hour of riding. Second is a poor fit on the butt that will cause the breeches to slide and sag. The custom fit of the Equissentials prevents these problems.

Horse Tack Review gives Equissentials 4 hooves and swoosh of the tail! We were extremely please with the performance of these breeches and would highly recommend them, especially for a rider looking for an alternative to chaps!

You can contact Equissentials on their website for any additional information and to order yours today!
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