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Pessoa Rodrigo GenX Close Contact Saddle

English Horse Tack Product Spotlight

Designed for today's competitive riders with a deeper seat, wide sculpted panels and narrow twist for closer contact and greater control over the jumps plus a better feel for flatwork. Made with printed French leather and grippy buffalo hides for added durability. Exclusive sculpted steel tree carries a 100 year warranty. Padded flap with pencil knee roll.

Rodrigo’s journey from Jr. Jumper classes to the Olympics, taught him how important a role the saddle actually plays. His new Rodrigo has helped him and his horse prevail over the biggest Olympic jumps, with great success. The Rodrigo has been created to bring the rider closer to the horse, providing better control which in turn builds rider confidence. This saddle is not only helping Rodrigo ride with greater success, its classic Pessoa balance, support and feel has improved his riding on every horse and on every course. This is a saddle for today’s competitive young riders. At 25 years old, Rodrigo has just won the “World Cup of Jumping”.

About Pessoa

One morning in Summer 1962, at the Nice (France) horse show, "Untouchable", the famous Thoroughbred belonging to the American champion Cathy Kusner, had the funny idea of dumping its rider and taking a cooling dive in the Bay of the Angels’ blue waters. The next day, Nelson Pessoa was given the saddle, still wet, to try it out. He was very interested by its steeplechase-based design, much lighter than his own Danloux type saddle. Soaked with salt water, this saddle seat conformed miraculously to his body.

This is how -by chance?- Nelson discovered the first step of the path leading to his comfortable and finely balanced “Close Contact” saddles. For all these years, this design, with undisputed performances, has been the key to success among champions as well as amateur riders.

Since its arrival in Europe in 1962, Nelson had been pursuing a difficult task: creating the perfect saddle.

In 1968, the famous Hermès Saddlery Company in Paris asked the renowned rider to design a jumping saddle that would respond to modern criteria. Then, Nelson launched his own trademark in 1971 and has continued to develop his revolutionary designs.

The classical riding style of Nelson Pessoa is an inspiration for every rider. No wonder an impressive number of champions have selected his saddles. Among them are the reigning world champions: Rodrigo Pessoa and Blyth Tait. Besides this, the Pessoa line benefits directly from the results of the international competitions benchmark. Nelson places as high demands on the craft as on the quality of his equipment.

Under his control, top skilled craftsmen manufacture his original creations: the Pessoa items are identical to those used every day by the Master.