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Horse Care Press Release

Prairie Grove, Arkansas-Aloe Advantage is pleased to announce the release of the 3-Step Wound Care System™--the only product on the market to address each stage of the healing process. This revolutionary system allows horse owners to easily and quickly cleanse, treat and restore their horse's cuts and abrasions.

Phenol Wound Cleanser™ (step one) is an antibacterial spray that flushes, disinfects and numbs the wound. Phenol Wound Treatment ™ (step two), a spray gel of aloe vera, allantoin and phenol, clings to the wound, nourishing the tissue for fast pain relief and speedy healing. Aloe Wound Salve™ (step three) promotes new tissue and hair growth by forming an invisible barrier that repels contaminants and flies, but is free of petroleum or wax products that can trap heat or suffocate the wound.

Aloe Advantage Three-Step Wound Care System

All three products come in a heavy-duty, easy to carry, clear-vinyl zippered bag. "As horse owners ourselves, we realized that other horse owners and barn managers needed a quick and easy way to treat the common cuts, burns, and wounds that horses always seem to have," says Aloe Advantage President Kerry Glakeler. "We also knew that serious horse people needed an effective way to get the products on the horse so that the healing process can begin."

Both the Phenol Wound Cleanser™ and the Phenol Wound Treatment™ are applied with an adjustable trigger sprayer that helps prevent cross contamination and allows sterile application from a safe distance, which can be particularly important when dealing with an injured and frightened horse. "Once the pain-killing agents in the Phenol Wound Cleanser™ and the Phenol Wound Treatment™ begin to work, most horses are more willing to have you treat their wounds," states Ms. Glakeler. The final step of the process, the Aloe Wound Salve™, is dispensed from an easy to use squeeze tube, reducing cross contamination-no more double dipping.

Although The 3-Step Would Care System™ is new to the marketplace, it is already drawing the attention of vets and horse lovers everywhere. "We are hearing from horse owners about the dramatic results they are experiencing with The 3-Step Wound Care System™," Ms. Glakeler says. "We are receiving before and after photos that are just amazing. And the individual products have recently experienced industry accolades, including 'Overall Winner' for our Aloe Wound Salve™ in a recent Wound Cream Review."

It was a veterinarian recommendation that led Ms. Glakeler to the Aloe Advantage line more than two years ago. When one of her horses suffered a catastrophic wound that would not hold stitches, Ms. Glakeler's vet began treating the wound with Aloe Advantage products. "The wound was so ugly I thought there was no way my horse would ever look normal again," she says. "But amazingly the wound healed nicely, complete with new hair growth and without any noticeable scarring." She was so impressed with the products that Ms. Glakeler decided to make an offer to buy the entire company. "With horses, it is not a question of if, but when they will get wounded. I knew that Aloe Advantage had something special to offer at a great value."

The 3-Step Wound Care System joins the other high quality products in the Aloe Advantage line, including the award-winning Aloe-Med Shampoo™, Sports Rub™, and Color-Tude Shampoo™. For more information on Aloe Advantage Products and the 100% Customer Amazement Guarantee, visit their web site at or call 1-877-624-9693.