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The Rio Vista Grooming Stone offers a Gentle Approach to Horse Grooming

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Santa Maria, CA – Rio Vista Products has announced the successful introduction of the Grooming Stone to equestrian enthusiasts across the United States and Canada. The product was officially introduced to the market at Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH. The response was tremendous reports, David Towle, Sales Manager for Rio Vista Products “they were literally flying off the shelf!”

The Rio Vista Grooming Stone is a man-made, pumice-like substance that removes shedding hair, caked on dirt and botfly eggs from horses’ coats. The Grooming Stone is sterile and pH neutral with no sharp edges. “We did extensive product testing before we decided to introduce the Grooming Stone,” said James Towle, President of Rio Vista Products. We tried several prototypes before deciding on this one. What makes our Grooming Stone unique is that it is easy to hold in your hand, lightweight, porous on both sides, and it has fingertip grips. We interviewed everyone who tried the product during its development, and without exception or hesitation, they said, “This is great! I’ve got to have one!” Towle went on to say, “We even had people tell us how relaxed their horses became while using the stone”, another great benefit. But our main goal is to offer a product that would compliment our grooming philosophy”. The Grooming Stone gently helps bring out the natural oils in the horses coat, leaving it shiny and healthy. This product helps make grooming efficient and easy. “The bottom line is that it produces superior results when compared with other grooming tools,” says Towle. Additionally, it’s a very versatile product and not limited to just horses, it can be used on dogs, as well as livestock.

Rio Vista Products, manufacturer of canine and equine grooming products, has been favoring the natural approach to animal care since 1996, offering the health conscious horse or dog owner a high quality, performance oriented alternative.

The new Rio Vista Grooming Stone is available along with other Rio Vista Products in tack, feed and pet stores throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, contact the company at (800) 248-6428 or e-mail at or visit their web site at

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