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Horse Gift and Books - Care and Management of the Older Horse

Horse Gifts and Books Product Spotlight

Care and Management of the Older Horse is a book devoted to understanding the needs of older horses to prolong their lives. Today, horses are living longer than ever before, partly owing to advances in veterinary medicine, but also due to the willingness of owners to keep older horses for pleasure riding and companions.

Literature on the care and training of horses in available in abundance, but the special needs of older or elderly horse are rarely addressed in depth. This book aims to provide owners and caretakers with a wealth of practical advice and information for making their horses' older years both healthy and trouble-free.

All aspects of care and managements are covered, including feeding, care of pastured horses and those stabled, seasonal care, vaccinations and worming programs, dental care, shoeing, exercise and work, saddle fitting, insurance, and retirement options. There is a veterinary section dealing with problems commonly encountered by older horses, and an illuminating and practical section on euthanasia.

This invaluable book will assist all owners in understanding the special requirements of older horses in order to prolong their active lives and care for them in retirement. An essential addition to every horse owner's bookshelf.

Care and Management of the Older Horse