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Horse Tack - EquiFit, Inc. Introduces New Horse Boot and Saddle Pad Technology

Horse Tack Press Release

Launching a comfortable support revolution, EquitFit, Inc. introduces new horse boot and saddle pad technology that is out of this world. Custom Fit. Every Horse. Every time.

BOSTON, MA, April 2004 - With the continued success of ShouldersBack, EquiFit, Inc. announces the arrival of the T-Boot Series and T-Form Saddle Pad. Designed by an orthopedic company, the T-Boot Series and T-Form Saddle Pads are filled with T-Foam, a revolutionary pressure relieving, viscoelastic material that conforms to the horse’s body providing maximum support and pressure point dispersal. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam conforms and molds to all contours and bone structures of the horse’s legs and back. Because the fit is so perfect and exact, support and stability are maximized, pressure is evenly distributed and pressure points are eliminated. When the T-Boots and T-Pad are removed, T-Foam recovers 100% to it’s original shape, ready to provide a perfect custom fit for every horse, every time.

Used for the last ten years in the most critical and demanding O.R. and cardiology procedures, EquiFit has finally brought this astounding material into the equestrian world. NASA originally engineered the foam for use in astronaut spacecraft seating, most importantly because the foam absorbs nearly all shock and vibration. Whether you encounter significant trauma to the horse’s back or any kicks, oversteps, or hitting of rails on the horse’s legs, T-Foam absorbs up to 90% of all impact.

In addition to providing unheard of support, the T-Boot and T-Pad are a perfect, custom fit on every occasion, thus, minimizing rubs, scratches and chaffing, as well as eliminating all dirt and debris from getting inside of the boot. Using open cell foam technology, EquiFit’s products are exceptionally lightweight and breathable. Unlike most boots or pads lined with neoprene that causes hotness and severe irritation, T-Foam allows for air-cooled comfort, thus preventing discomfort from sweatiness and stickiness. In addition, because both T-Boots and T-Pads are manufactured with open cell foam technology, maintaining and cleaning T-Foam is very quick and painless.

The T-Boot Series is currently offered in four styles.

T-1: an open front boot with adjustable, easy to use Velcro closures and a lightweight kick-resistant shell

T-2: an open front boot with easy-on, adjustable leather closures and a lightweight, kick-resistant shell

T-3: all-purpose closed front and hind boots with adjustable, easy-on Velcro closures, offering splint support and protection

T-4: an all purpose ankle boot with Velcro closures

The T-Form Saddle Pads are currently offered in two styles and two colors, maize and white.

Saddle-Shaped Pad: (22”W x 25”H)

Square Saddle Pad: (26.5”W x 27.5”H)

For more information, visit or call (800) 225.2610, ext. 128.