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Junior Rider Sought for ABC TV's 'Switched!'

Press Release

May 4, 2004 -- Phelps Media Group, Inc. (PMG), a public relations firm focused on promoting events and people in the equestrian world, is casting for a junior rider to appear on the ABC Family television show "Switched!" The producers of the show are interested in profiling a rider aged 16 to 20 who is currently competing in any equestrian discipline.

"Switched!" is a new teen reality show that gives two young people between the ages of 16 and 20 the chance to simultaneously trade lives during a four-day adventure. The challenge is to see how each person will cope in a new environment -- dealing with a new family, new school, new friends, new activities and everything that involves trading a life with a counterpart somewhere else in the America. The ABC show currently airs weekdays at 5 p.m ET.

The show answers the question, "What would it be like to actually live another teenager's life for a few days?" By experiencing life from a different perspective, teenagers learn to better appreciate things that they might have previously taken for granted, and they gain a broader understanding of the lives of others.

Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. produces "Switched!" for ABC Family television and has asked PMG to locate a young rider to appear on the show. Evolution has built a reputation for their teen-based "reality" television programming over the past 15 years, with shows such as Disney's "Bug Juice," "Totally Hoops" and "Totally in Tune."

"Switched!" is about real teens and what they say and do while undergoing this experience. Although supervised by the producers, the entire experience is unscripted. The goal is not to embarrass but to enlighten. The producers intend for this to be a positive experience for everyone involved -- the teenagers, their families and the viewers. Evolution has produced reality documentaries in more than 50 public high schools and has spent time filming in hundreds of homes across America.

Although the majority of switched teens are "normal teens," the producers have also had various celebrities participate, including Dallas Friday, five times X-Games wakeboarding champion; Skye Sweetnam, Capitol Records recording artist; Kyle Sullivan from Nickelodeon's "All That"; and Anna Troy, from the Matrix-produced band The Troys.

PMG is currently reviewing resumes of equestrians aged 16 to 20 that wish to be considered for "Switched" (no phone calls accepted). Equestrians are asked to email resumes to or fax to 561-753-3386. The deadline is August 1, 2004.