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Mikmar Bit Company Announces Extensive Line of New Products

Horse Tack Press Release

Sunland, CA (December 1, 2003)—Driven by increasing demand for their bits from throughout the world, The Mikmar Bit Company has announced the launch of an extensive line of new products, now available to consumers at tack shops and through catalogs around the globe. The company’s innovative bits will also be featured on a newly redesigned website, to launch December 1, 2003 at

The original three Mikmar Bits—Short Shank, Combination and Training—have been used with great success by leading riders at the highest levels of international competition, including Ludger Beerbaum, Laura Kraut, Otto Becker, Kevin Babington, Darren Chiacchia and Rodrigo Pessoa. The newly created bits, now available from Mikmar, will increase the number of options available for using this unique product on horses with varying needs and from divergent sports.

For example, the new Mikmar Pelham Bit incorporates the traditional Pelham cheek pieces with the light-weight Mikmar mouthpiece, providing riders with the “perfect Pelham”. The new Mikmar All Around Bit combines traditional leverage style, with that same, unique Mikmar mouthpiece. Other new items from the company include the Medium Shank Combination Bit, Show Bit, Circle Shank Bit and the Mikmar Metal Curb Strap.

“The results that can be achieved with these bits are truly astounding, whether riders are in the show arena or just out hitting the trails,” said Dan Weyand of the Mikmar Bit Company. “By offering these new products and new features on our website, we hope to make this revolutionary bit available to a wider range of horses and riders in the U.S. and around the world, while helping them learn to use it in the most effective way possible.”

The company’s new website makes it easier for customers to purchase Mikmar Bits by providing a comprehensive dealer locator—including information on where to buy these products in 31 countries around the world. In addition, the website features updated videos with international riders discussing why they use the bit and video commentary on how the bit works. The site also offers customer reviews, a company history, frequently asked questions, and a text-based explanation on how the bit works. Developed in 1954 by leading horseman Frank Evans, the Mikmar Bit is unusual because it is designed to disperse the pressure of the rider’s hands by sending a signal to the nose, jaw, poll, bars and tongue simultaneously. The Mikmar Bit’s unique action works well for all different types of horses by helping to improve balance, headset and control.

Amazingly lightweight and adaptable, the Mikmar Bit can be used in disciplines as varied as reining and jumping. For more information about Mikmar Bits, or to order a free informational video on Mikmar products, visit, email or call 818-446-0063.