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Put a little breathing space between you and the competition with FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips

Horse Press Release

All horses under stress from exercise or work suffer from exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), but you can reduce your horse's fatigue, recovery time, and lung stress with an easy, drug-free solution. Clinical studies have shown that FLAIR strips shorten recovery times, reduce the energy costs associated with respiration/breathing, and reduce lung stress and fatigue.

Top athletes in polo, reining, eventing, jumping, barrel racing, endurance riding, and racing rely on FLAIR strips for conditioning, training and competition.

FLAIR strips are completely drug free disposable medical devices developed by equine veterinarians, and are part of a comprehensive respiratory management program for all breeds.

Why FLAIR Strips?

Your horse can breathe only through his nose. During heavy exercise, he experiences nasal tissue collapse in his airway, making him work harder to get the oxygen he needs.

FLAIR strips support nasal passageways, helping your horse to get the oxygen he needs while expending less energy.

FLAIR Strips, an Asset for Every Horse and Discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are FLAIR strips?

A FLAIR strip is a self-adhesive, drug-free, medical device that promotes optimum respiratory health of equine athletes. FLAIR strips support the nasal passages of the horse during exercise, improving the horse's airflow when it needs oxygen most. By reducing airway resistance resulting from physical exertion, the FLAIR strip helps promote peak performance and prevents injury to the lungs.

Why should my horse use FLAIR strips?

Unlike humans, horses cannot breathe through their mouths. As a result, all horses experience some level of nasal tissue collapse during intense physical exercise. This partial "collapse" reduces the size of the airway, forcing the horse to work harder to breathe. Clinical studies, conducted in both private and university settings, found that FLAIR strips mechanically widen the nasal passages, allowing oxygen to flow freely.

FLAIR Strips support nasal passages and maintain the airway during training or strenuous workouts.

What are the medical benefits of FLAIR strips?

Studies have shown that FLAIR strips reduce lung stress and the incidence of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), or bleeding in the lungs. Most competitive horses experience some degree of EIPH, though the bleeding may not be visible. Continued episodes of EIPH can lead to permanent lung damage, scarring, and inflammation, increasing a horse's vulnerability to secondary infections and illness. FLAIR strips significantly reduce EIPH during heavy exercise.

How will FLAIR strips impact my horse's performance?

By reducing the amount of energy a horse spends just to get enough oxygen, FLAIR strips enable horses to expend more energy on the task at hand. FLAIR strips can also increase a horse's stamina, allowing him to perform at full strength for longer periods of time, without becoming fatigued. Horses wearing FLAIR strips use five to eight percent less energy at high speed and during recovery. Riders and trainers notice their horses are more relaxed, look fresher and catch their breath faster when wearing a FLAIR strip.

How do FLAIR strips work?

The FLAIR strip fits 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) above the opening of the nostrils. FLAIR strips are constructed of medical-grade components including a non-irritating adhesive. Each strip is composed of three plastic springs that provide a precise level of force to help hold open the horse's nasal passages.

When should I use FLAIR strips?

For best results, use FLAIR strips to maintain normal airflow through nasal passages during any heavy exercise, whether in training or in competition. FLAIR strips are designed to stay attached for a full day of exercise. They should be applied to a clean, dry muzzle 20 to 30 minutes prior to starting a workout. After exercising, slowly peel the FLAIR strips off, starting at the corners, and work your way carefully toward the center.

Who uses FLAIR strips?

Trainers and competitors in every discipline, including jumping, endurance, reining, polo, barrel racing, eventing, flat and harness racing, and more, are using FLAIR strips as an integral part of their training, conditioning, and performance regimens.

How will my horse respond to FLAIR strips?

Most trainers and competitors will notice a difference in either the "feel" or "sound" of their horse when they use FLAIR strips. The most common statements shared are that "my horse had more air," "he cooled down faster," or "she just seemed calmer." Still others state horses wearing FLAIR strips are "quieter" or "less stressed." As always, consult your veterinarian to ensure optimal care of your horse.

Where can I buy FLAIR strips?

FLAIR strips are available through veterinarians, tack stores, catalogues and online through veterinarian/equine supply companies.

What regulatory bodies have approved the use of FLAIR strips?

Federation Equestrian International (FEI)
USA Equestrian (formerly American Horse Shows Associaztion, AHSA)
National Reining Horse Association (NRHA)
United States Combined Training Association (USCTA)
United States Equestrian Team (USET)
United States Polo Association (USPA)
National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA)
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

FLAIR strips have also been approved for flat and harness racing in most states and provinces in North America, noting these exceptions:

FLAIR strips have not been approved for flat racing in New Jersey and New York.
FLAIR strips have not been approved for harness racing in Pennsylvania.

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