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MiracleCorp Horse Shampoos and Conditioners

Horse Tack Review Staff

MiracleCorp has provided several of their best selling products for us to review. The Miracle Coat line of equine shampoos and conditioners are products you can trust to provide outstanding results without the effects of damaging chemicals, pesticides or leave-in silicones. Each of the products contains cosmetic grade botanical extracts – designed to keep the horse’s coat healthy, shiny, soft and beautiful. MiracleCorp recently acquired Animal Legends, another leader in equine grooming, and we were also able to put their products to the test.

Miracle Coat line of shampoos and conditioners provide outstanding results without the effects of damaging chemicals, pesticides or leave-in silicones. Each product contains cosmetic grade botanical extracts – designed to keep the horse’s coat healthy, shiny, soft and beautiful. With more people turning to natural products, the Miracle Coat line of products is a perfect place to start. From the first use or application, you will notice a difference. Your horse’s coat will be healthier and more beautiful. Most, if not all of the MiracleCorp products contain Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is known to be a broad spectrum fungicide and antibacterial agent. It is able to deeply penetrate the skin and is a natural organic solvent. Tea tree oil kills microbes most effectively in living tissue without damaging the healthy cells. It is soothing and has a topical anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. Tea tree's primary uses have been in first-aid, personal care products and in various healthcare products. Tea tree oil is also a safe, natural insect repellant.

In hair products, tea tree oil dissolves buildup of other products and the body's own sebum, thoroughly cleansing the hair follicle and revitalizing the hair. In body lotions, deodorants and soaps, it kills surface bacteria and maintains healthy skin.

Premium Horse Shampoo - Gently & thoroughly cleanses for that perfect show-quality sheen; Helps repair dry, damages hair to create greater shine and luster; Soothes & promotes faster healing of skin irritations caused by fungus, flies & ticks and cuts & scratches; Makes your horse look it’s best – not just on the day of washing, but long afterward!

We used the Premium Horse Shampoo as a 'daily' shampoo and found that the horse's coats did remain shiner and softer even after bathing day. The scratch marks from being out in the pasture seemed to heal better and with less scarring as well.

Luxor Moisturizing Oatmeal Shampoo - Unique oatmeal formula produces luxurious lather with a pleasant fragrance; Gently cleans while naturally conditioning, creating a lustrous sheen; Soothes dry, irritated skin and relieves itching; Leaves coat soft, healthy and shiny; With Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Honeysuckle, Lavender and Hawaiian White Ginger

The Luxor Moisturizing Oatmeal Shampoo was used on older horses that have sensitive skin and coats. This shampoo was not irritating to their skin like some harsher shampoos can be. We even used this on one of our dogs who also needs sensitive skin products and it performed just as well.

Radiant White Brightening Shampoo - Gently whitens and intensifies, without drying or damaging the skin and coat; Brightens while naturally conditioning, creating a lustrous sheen; Leaves coat soft, healthy and shiny, Specially formulated and pH balanced for horses; With Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Rose Extract

This was our favorite of all of the horse shampoos tested. Radiant White Brightening Shampoo not only leaves a soft and shiny coat, white and grey horses are brighter! Some other whitening shampoos that we have used in the past seemed a bit harsh, likely due to the whitening chemicals in the product, but Radiant White Brightening Shampoo is all natural and can even be used on darker horses. We use it to whiten socks!

Waterless Horse Shampoo - Offers easy, effective method for spot cleaning manure, grass & stubborn stains; Provides the ideal solution for quick touchups, cold weather baths & shampoos between regular washes - perfect for horse shows; Affords easy, efficient bathing method – requires no water; • Easy to apply for sheath cleaning; Helps maintain clean, shiny & lustrous coat year round - wonderful smell too!

Waterless Horse Shampoo is a must for any tack box. When there is no time for a bath, or for touch ups at a show, it is an easy and convenient alternative to a regular shampoo.

Leave-In Spray on Conditioner and Lusterizer - Offers deep penetration & moisturizing to repair dry, damaged hair; Affords significantly easier grooming; Leaves no oily residue that can attract dust or cause saddle slippage; Provides unparalleled sheen & smoothness; Superior Detangling Properties

Another product perfect for showing. A light mist that adds the final touch before entering the show ring. Unlike most shine sprays, the Leave-In Spray on Conditioner and Lusterizer does not leave an oily or greasy residue. We also liked it for removing burrs from manes and tails.

Miracle Mist Treatment Spray - Helps accelerate healing of cuts, scrapes, scratches & bites; Promotes coat growth; Fights fungus – including rainrot & ringworm, and bacterial infections; Promotes healing of such difficult conditions as proud flesh, thrush, greasy heal & cankers

To be perfectly honest, the only sores and scratches our horses have are from being out in the pastures, or maybe the occasional tiff with another horse. So the Miracle Mist Treatment Spray was only able to be used on minor cuts and scratches. Using the mist did appear to accelerate their healing, without having to use thick and greasy wound gels.

Animal Legends Products

LeucaLather Equine Shampoo - Contains Tea Tree Oil along with others ingredients designed to promote the health and appearance of a horse’s coat. The anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree Oil gets rid of rain rot, girth itch, dry flaky skin and provides relief from many other skin conditions. The horse’s coats were left healthier in condition and appearance.

Silks II Equine Shampoo - The addition of Citronella to the formula provides the horse and rider with a more pest free environment. The Silks II is a bit hard to lather and we felt that due to this, we needed to use more product as usual. We did find the Citronella to be a nice scent that appeared to help repel flies.

Silks BLUE Whitening and Color Enhancing Shampoo - Whites will be whiter and colors will be deeper with a great contrast between colors. Gray horses will benefit from Silks BLUE as well as paints and any horse with white stockings. Riders noted that it cleaned all of the "grunge" out of the gray horses manes and tails as well. One rider whom normally used Quick Silver advised that Silks BLUE was a better product.

All MiracleCorp and Animal Legends Shampoos and Conditioners performed just as advertised. We noticed the greatest difference with the use of the Radiant White Brightening Shampoo. This was used on a few gray and speckled horses that have a tendency of not responding to regular shampoos. The Radiant White Brightening Shampoo did in fact whiten and brighten.

Both the Waterless Horse Shampoo and the Leave-In Spray on Conditioner and Lusterizer were convenient at horse shows. The waterless horse shampoo was perfect for the last minute touch-ups and spot cleaning. The leave-in conditioner left the horse’s manes and tails easy to manage without being oily and sticky.

MiracleCorp and Animal Legends products can be found at , Jeffers Equine or go to to find a store near you.