Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Companion Trail Saddle from Duett

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

A Trail saddle designed by and for DUETT Saddlery, The COMPANION is built on the RONDO tree. This is the tree that, at its widest, is the best fit on the table-backed, low-withered equines! (The narrower trees fit withered horses.) This saddle's features make it ideal for both pleasure trail riding and endurance riding:

Lightly quilted, soft seat with nubuck leather gives the rider both superb comfort and security...Extended panels distribute the rider's weight over a large area....

SPECIAL FEATURE: Removeable/moveable knee AND calf blocks give the utmost in flexibility to the rider! No fixed block! You can remove the blocks for closest contact, or you can move them back to support your leg differently, or you can change the angle! When you remove the About blocks, there is a piece of shaped leather which you can attach to the velcro to keep it clean.

Long billets used with dressage girth keeps the rider's leg comfortable....
Lots of D rings and a crupper attachment....
Textured, grained brown leather on the flaps gives added grip and stability to your leg--it's durable, too!

Available in 17" and 18" seats with 32, 34, 36 and 38 trees; a few saddles with 17.5" seat with 34 (wide) trees.


Duett saddles are reasonably priced, well designed and crafted, and they are guaranteed to be the most comfortable saddles you have ever ridden in! These saddles are made with top quality craftsmanship and details, excellent leather (smooth bridle or grained), and first rate design by a major German company which has been in business for over thirty years. This manufacturer markets under a number of well established labels in Europe ~ Duett is a proprietary name, and the Duett models are ONLY available in the United States from us.

The wider trees on these saddles are uniquely designed to fit wide horses like no other saddle made - but, we offer them for medium width horses, also!