Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack Press Relase

Brooklyn, New York — For years riders have ordered custom boots with excitement and trepidation; they knew the boots would look great, but that the break-in period could be a nightmare. Custom boot maker Der-Dau has created a solution—the Italian Leather Boot. This 100% custom boot offers the elegance required in today’s competitive show ring, but without the frustrating and painful break-in time.

“The Italian Leather Boot is the result of years of listening to riders,” said Joseph Der, CEO of Der-Dau. “All of the features were designed with serious riders in mind. The result is a cutting edge boot with the sophistication and style that our customers have come to expect.” This unique boot is not only a work of art, but is technologically superior to other boots on the market.

The imported Italian leather is specifically tanned for the durability of French leather with the softness of Baby Calf. The three-quarter cow lining is sturdy, yet allows the rider to easily feel the horse. “The Italian Leather Boot offers better contact with the horse, which is so critical for success in the show ring,” said Mr. Der. “We also wanted the boot to have almost no break-in period. You can take these boots out of the box and show in them the very next day.” This was accomplished not only by using quality Italian leather, but with a sloped ankle that offers more flexibility than a traditional boot.

Other unique features of the Italian Leather Boot include a ripple sole that offers the best grip in the stirrup. Riders will also enjoy the long-lasting leather insoles, punched toe-cap and swagger tags that won’t tear off. Riders can choose from a variety of options, including zippers and elastic gussets. Currently available in black, future colors include navy, brown and tan.

The Italian Leather Boot is the latest in a long line of quality handcrafted boots and shoes from Der-Dau. For more than half a century, Der-Dau has provided boots to those with discriminating taste in footwear. Among Der-Dau’s customers are United States Equestrian Team members, New York State Troopers, and New York CEO’s as well as celebrities such as Paul Newman and Tony Curtis. “Once you have worn a pair of custom boots you will never want anything else,” says Joseph. “We have clients that have been customers for more than 25 years.”

The Italian Leather Boot is made in the USA like all Der-Dau custom boots and is handcrafted for each individual. For more information or to schedule your personalized fitting call 1-718-336-4513. Visit for information on all of the fine Der-Dau products.