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Charles Owen Body Protectors and Helmets

Riding Apparel Press Release

Charles Owen Bespoke Fitting (UK/USA) - 24/05/2004 - The Ultralight Body Protector (shown) has been tried and tested throughout all stages of development by Riders from all disciplines. The design has proved to be light, comfortable and easy to wear.

Fully adjustable quick release fastenings around the waist are additionally secured with aan elasticated belt. The flexible and increasingly lightweight foam moulds to the shape of the body for a look that is flattering and unobtrusive offering protection without restriction. The interchangeable panels within the size range enable unusual fitting requirements to be catered for.

For example, a customer with a large chest and a short back can be fitted using the panels from an Adults medium front with an Adults small Back. Seperate replacement panels can then be re-ordered by the Retailer to maintain a standard size range of products while also having the flexibility of providing bespoke fittings. The problem of carrying non-standard items is eliminated and capital doesn't remain on the shelf waiting for an unusual customer.

The Body Protector Ultralight is available in a total of forty two colours and colour combinations. A Medical Card Holder has now been incorporated into the design which can be displayed when required by Ruling Associations such as The Pony Club or BE. When not required it can be tucked discreetly and securely inside the bottom left hand side of the garment. The Medical Card Holder fastens with pop studs into two postitions within the Body Protector itself. Display and non-display. The holder contains its own medical card ready for completion by the rider, therby negating the need to order on seperatly.

The range of Charles Owen Hats and Helmets aims to cater for every head size and head shape. Round heads, narrow heads, long heads, shallow heads even unevenly shaped heads which sometimes are found in young children before their skull has settled. (For example, a forceps delivery can result in this before the plates of the skull have had time to mature.) Hat fitting training is provided by Charles Owen and qualified fitters are given a personalised certificate. This resource means that retailers are able to confidently provide a Custom Fit Service, making tiny adjustments using the materials provided by Charles Owen themselves.