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United States Dressage Federation Announces Council and Committee Handbook

Dressage Press Release

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce the release of its Council and Committee Handbook. Under the authority of the USDF Executive Board and Board of Governors (BOG), and with assistance from the USDF staff, the organization's 26 councils and committees carry out the work of the USDF and help to further its mission. The new handbook explains how the councils and committees function within USDF's governance structure and what is expected of the council and committee chairs and members. It will be a valuable tool in conducting the business of the organization.

USDF Secretary Janine Malone, who was instrumental in producing the handbook, said that "as a reference for both volunteers and staff, this handbook will make a significant contribution to improving the way councils and committees carry out their business."

Among other things, the new handbook contains general USDF policies, an annual timeline for council and committee chairs, the format and criteria for planning goals and writing reports, information on major functions and projects of the councils and committees, the policy on presenting proposals to the Executive Board, and the USDF code of ethics and conflict-of-interest policy.

To view or print the handbook, visit

Founded in 1973, the United States Dressage Federation is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and the promotion of the sport of dressage. For more information about USDF membership or programs, visit, e-mail, or call (859) 971-2277.