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Rapid Scrub . . . one step horse grooming and bathing!

Horse Tack - Grooming Supplies

The Rapid Scrub is the perfect addition to any horse’s grooming and bathing kit. You’ll wonder what you did without one! The Rapid Scrub conveniently dispenses soap and water while you are currying your horse! Yes, at the same time! This will greatly speed your daily chores by doing two things at once - cleaning and currying!

The Rapid Scrub grooms the hair and penetrates deep down to the skin. This will give you a cleaner and softer coat than ever before, improving the health and well-being or your animals. In June, 2004 Horse Journal, Rapid Scrub scored high among products used for bathing.

Notice the holes in the base beside the fingers allowing soap and water to flow through! The soft flexible rubber bends around those hard to reach places and even gentle enough for the face. The rubber has no odor! The sponge is a top quality hydra tack sponge.

Just saturate the sponge with soap then immerse in water. Bath and groom at the same time while saving money on supplies. All three parts can be boiled to sanitize them. Even applying medications, moisturizers, and conditioners can be done with Rapid Scrub. The cover holds the sponge in place with the short knobs, it has a dual purpose of being a quick curry by simply holding it in the palm of your hand.

Check the web-site at to tailor your specific needs.

All completely flexible and available in your choice of firmness:

S-soft for sensitive animals
M-medium for general bathing
H-hard for the spring bath

Animals Love Rapid Scrub!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Made with pride in the USA!