Horse Tack Review

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Keep Your Horse Happy by Chasing away the Boredom Blues

Horse Tack

When your horse is bored, what does he or she do? Boredom can be to blame for many behavorial issues with horses, whether your horse starts to crib or chew his stall, starts weaving or maybe becomes aggressive. There are many new horse toys that provide hours of enjoyment while your horse is in the stall or in the pasture.

Amazing Graze - Revolutionary design encourages horses to graze in their natural, head-down position, while treats are dispensed by gravity. Helps provide horses with a great warm-up, conditioning horses' backs and provides hours of stimulation. Helps aid in relieving respiratory congestion. Easy to open and fill with the treats of your choice. 4" access hole cleans easily. 14"H x 20"W.

Amazing Graze

Jolly Stall Snack with Apple Treat - A new tasty way for your horse to be entertained, while helping to alleviate stall boredom. Refill treat available in apple, carrot, and mint flavors. Apple scented Jolly Ball attachment available to provide hours of fun.

Jolly Stall Snack with Apple Treat

Giant Scented Apple Horse Toy - Your horse won't be bored if you hang this giant, 10 inch high red plastic apple in the stall to amuse him.

Giant Scented Apple Horse Toy

Wiggly Giggly Ball for Horses! Exclusively at State Line Tack. Your horse flips, throws and rolls Wiggly Giggly to hear a hilarious sound. Provides the fun that horses need to reduce boredom. Heavy-duty polyvinyl. 10" diameter. Also available without rope.

Wiggly Giggly Ball for Horses!