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Teach Your Horse to Rollback and Spin

Horse Training Product Spotlight

Imagine your horse spinning smooth and rapid like a highly trained reining horse. Think how great it would be to have your horse bury its hocks in the dirt and rollback with just a light touch of the reins. If you want to teach your horse these maneuvers, this video will show you how.

This Larry Trocha Video Shows You "Exactly" What You Need to Know To Teach Your Horse To Rollback And Spin!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

- Three great methods to teach your horse to spin correctly.
- Simple, easy methods to teach green colts to turn on their hocks.
- What a "correct" rollback actually is and how to achieve it.
- How to put more speed in your spins.
- The three biggest mistakes people make when teaching their horse to spin (most people are guilty of at least one).
- How to time-the-reins so your horse learns to cross-over in front and stay low on the ground.
- How a small change in your riding posture could really improve your horse’s spins (and I mean immediately).
- The correct way to use your hands to get the front end coming around light and smooth (this is critical information).
- How to teach your horse the proper form for a winning roll back.
- The reason why some horses lock-up and refuse to roll back or spin.
- A “special” way to wrap a horse’s legs to prevent stressing tendons and ligaments during training.
- How to use your legs and spurs to improve your horses spins and keep his rear end from swinging out.
- A simple way to clarify what a spin actually is so your training stays on track (this can really help a lot).
- How to teach your horse to neck-rein properly (lightness with form).
- A great technique for improving a horse’s head position (it works great for stops too).

This Video Turned Out Even Better Than My Wildest Expectations!

Detailed Training Demonstrations: In this video I show you the most common problems people have when training their horse to roll back and spin. You get to see horses making mistakes and how to correct those mistakes. There are close ups of the horses legs in action so you can see exactly what is happening. And the camera comes in close on my hands so you can see how the reins are being worked.

Production Values: I spared no expense and hired the best production company in the area to shoot this video. It was money well spent. The picture is bright and sharp and the sound track is crystal clear. The camera work also turned out extremely well.

Two Full Hours of Information: There is so much great information here your brain will have to kick into overdrive to absorb it all. On this tape I don’t talk about conformation or shoeing. I get right to the nitty-gritty. You’ll see training, training and more training. It’s like watching the best, most intensive training clinic you’ll ever see.

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