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The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer Product Spotlight

Trailers are a fact of life in the horse world. Sooner or later, everyone who owns a horse will have to deal with a horse trailer in order to haul to shows, races, hunts, and perhaps even to veterinary clinics. Up to now, when horse owners wanted information on trailers, they had to rely on magazine articles or word-of-mouth recommendations. Not anymore.

The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer is the first and only book for both owners and buyers of a horse trailer. It's a resource that gives prospective buyers, faced with hundreds of models to choose from, the means to make the right choice. It's a manual that gives current owners information on maintaining and caring for their trailers. Foremost, they will learn from lifelong horsewoman Neva Scheve and husband, Thomas G. Scheve, both respected industry insiders, that the safety and comfort of the horse should always be the primary concern.

This authoritative book, with more than 175 illustrations, addresses a number of important topics, including how to:

Determine whether to buy a new or used horse trailer.
Ask the right questions of the dealer or owner.
Weigh the options and select the best model for your needs.
Evaluate tow vehicles and hitches.
Master pre-trip preparations.
Care for your current trailer.
Load, drive, and use a trailer safely.
Deal with typical exterior, interior, electrical and mechanical problems.
Assess the work of repairmen if the job is more than you can handle.

In all, the Scheves have given horse owners everything they need to make an informed purchasing decision that will benefit themselves and their horses.

Neva Kittrell Scheve is also author of Hawkins Guide: Horse Trailering on the Road and co-author of Hawkins Guide: Equine Emergencies on the Road. She travels nationwide to give seminars on all aspects of horse trailers. With her husband, Thomas G. Scheve, she has developed numerous lines of horse trailers, including their own EquiSpirit models.

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