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Farnam Introduces Ascend Gel Line - Pre-measured Servings Stick to Feed

Horse Care Press Release

Horse owners who strive to keep their performance animals in top condition seek the best nutritional supplements - but powder, pellet and crumble forms are often messy and wasteful. What if a new technology offered the greatest benefits in a delivery system that sticks to the feed? Farnam Horse Product's Ascend Gel line is simple to feed, easy for travel, and provides fresh, exact serving amounts that won't blow away or be nosed aside.

"This is a first-time concept in equine nutritional science, and it just makes life easier for busy riders who want maximum health for their horses, and an easy way to give supplements," said Jamie Stewart, marketing manager for Farnam Horse Product's nutritional lines. "The horse can nose powders and pellets aside, and liquid can seep through, but the gel can't go anywhere - it's a way to ensure he gets his exact dosage. And for those who frequently travel to shows with their horses, the gels are packaged specifically for convenience."

The Ascend Gel line includes Hoof Health, Joint Health, Skin & Coat Health, and Performance Electrolytes. The palatable formulas come in a box containing 30 gold foil single serving packages, or a 51-ounce (64 day supply) bottle with a pump that automatically dispenses a single serving.

"A rising segment of horse enthusiasts are looking to boost their animals' overall well-being through nutrition. Owners who have grown more educated about what it takes to keep a horse healthy, especially performance horses that have high levels of demands placed on them, want the internal and external results provided by targeted supplements," said Jaime Lopez Ph.D., new product development manager for Farnam's animal nutritionals. 'The method of supplementation must be efficient and accurate or the product could be wasted. It is easier to stay with the program when the supplements are easily applied."

Each Ascend formula is designed to address a key area of the active horse and contains high levels of nutrients.

Ascend Gel Hoof Health for Horses
Hoof Health Gel contains biotin to help build strong walls, methionine to support protein development, and lysine to promote hoof growth.

Ascend Gel Joint Health
Joint Health Gel nurtures and promotes normal joint function with glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. It also uses MSM to reduce tissue inflammation.

Ascend Skin & Coat Health Gel for Horses
Skin & Coat Health Gel helps produce a gleaming coat, and Performance Electrolyte replenishes vital fluids in horses following regular and rigorous exercise.

For more information about Ascend Gel and other Farnam horse products, call toll free at 800-234-2269 in the United States, direct at 602-285-1660 or go to on the Internet. Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., is a privately held company and a leader in the animal health products industry.