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Tropical Rider Breeches

Horse Tack Review Staff

Tropical Rider provided us with their best selling Enduracool Breeches and the TR Extreme Breeches for review. We were very excited to review these breeches, especially with the arrival of warmer weather. Tropical Rider breeches feature Deerskin to offer the ultimate in comfort for the rider. Deerskin is durable and will last season after season. It stretches and molds to your body, but also retains it shape providing years of wear. You will enjoy unparalleled grip in the saddle while the soft and supple leather moves with you. When you pair deerskin with Tropical Rider’s high performance fabrics and elegant styling you have the ultimate in breeches!


Their best selling breech features a microfiber poly that is both lightweight and durable. The Enduracool is a pull-on breech designed to withstand tough abuse, yet they are light and cool. The fabric wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable. They feature a 1 1/2 inch elastic waist band, pocket and elastic ankles. Available in Deerskin full seat, knee patch or extended patch.

We were quite pleased with the performance of the Enduracool Breeches. After riding all day in warm weather, they were still extremely comfortable. The patches were not rubbing into your leg, and you had a nice cool and dry feeling about yourself! Not the feeling of soggy pants!

TR Extreme

The TR Extreme is made from Schoeller® Dryskin, a new high tech fabric developed for top athletes. Even after hours in the saddle, you will enjoy a pleasant body climate due to the rapid transport of moisture. Combine this sophisticated fabric with Tropical Rider’s fine tailoring and you have the next generation of breeches.

You can definitely feel the difference between regular breeches and the Tropical Rider, especially the Deerskin. It is a comfortable leather. Both soft and supple, it stretches with your body as you move and holds you into the saddle.

The TR Extreme breeches had the pleasure of being caught in a rainstorm. The rider actually commented on how her shirt was soaking wet and she knew the breeches were as well, however, she felt no moisture on her legs. The fabric was absorbing the moisture of the rain THAT WELL!

Tropical Rider breeches are not only appealing to your body, but also to your eyes. Comfortable enough for everyday wear yet sophisticated for the show ring. They are of quality construction and materials. Machine washable in cold water on delicate cycle makes them easy to care for. However, you must line dry the breeches (out of sunlight) which may take up to 3 days depending on the air in your home. Therefore, you need to remember to do this in plenty of time before next use.

All in all, we were extremely happy with Tropical Rider and would highly highly recommend them to any rider.

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