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SMx Air-Ride Saddle Pads - The New Generation Air Ride

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

The new SMx® Air-Ride saddle pad from Professional's Choice delivers a ride that is unsurpassed in its smoothness for both horse and rider alike. It utilizes the latest technology to produce a pad that relieves pressure from the most sensitive area of a horse's back and distributes the weight of saddle and rider evenly over the entire pad. It is not only shock absorbent and lightweight but also breathable, and epitomises our motto, "The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance."

A new, patented padding material allows air to circulate in every direction resulting in accelerated heat and moisture evaporation, making it highly breathable. As the horse sweats, the sweat coats the waterproof beads and the airflow actively accelerates evaporation, cooling, and drying. Your horse will feel less heat and cool off faster, increasing overall performance.

The padding also has a unique shock absorbing ability. Excess energy from impact is deflected throughout the pad and away from the horse's back, reducing pressure. This prevents pressure points from forming and gives an even, comfortable ride. Scientific testing has proven it to be remarkably compression-resistant even under the most demanding use, making it exceptionally durable and long lasting.

Like all of our Air-Ride saddle pads, the SMx® Air-Ride has a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

About Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. ("PC Sports") is a market leader renowned for revolutionising the horse industry by offering products that prevent and aid in the rehabilitation of injuries to horses. Its reputation in the equine industry is the result of diligent scientific research and development, together with a commitment to providing products of the highest quality in the market.

Privately owned, PC Sports was founded in 1976 by Dal and Nina Scott. Since it's inception, Dal and Nina strived to shape the company into what it is today. They continue to work hard, promoting the company's growth and reputation by exploring new business opportunities and devoting a significant amount of time to product development.

PC Sports' headquarters are located in El Cajon, California, with manufacturing and distribution points spanning across Texas, Canada, China, and Mexico.