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Troxel Press Release

San Diego, CA - June 22, 2004 - Troxel’s Spirit, the most popular helmet in the equestrian industry with over 200,000 units in the field, now provides a fully adjustable sizing system with the simple turn of a dial. The new Gripper Positioning System (GPS) II rear dial allows riders to quickly tighten or loosen the helmet’s fit by dialing with one hand. This simple method of adjustment provides a balanced, secure fit, reducing the helmet’s tendency to shift backward or forward. The Spirit’s new dial system combines with Troxel’s patented Flip-Fold internal pad system to provide an additional level of comfort and support.

Troxel’s GPS II Dial System provides a superior level of quality and several enhancements over existing dial systems found in equestrian helmets:

• The system provides a half-surround adjustment around the back of the head, ensuring that the head is securely fixed in the helmet rather than tightly suspended in the helmet in the case of existing full-surround systems.

• The half-surround system minimizes uncomfortable tension on the front brow and adjustment pressure is dispersed through the padded Flip-Fold system.

• Because the half-surround dial-system takes up less space, it allows riders to wear a narrower, more streamlined helmet.

• The system is riveted to the helmet rather than attached with Velcro, providing a permanently anchored, long-lasting helmet. Over months of heat, moisture and cold, Troxel’s unique riveted attachment is more durable and the additional stress resulting from dial systems suspended with Velcro is eliminated.

• The rubber co-molded dial system is easier to hold and turn between the fingers than more slippery plastic dial systems.
v Riley South, junior competitive barrel racer commented, “The new Spirit really stays in place when I’m accelerating or turning fast. It’s the best fitting helmet I’ve ever worn, plus its light weight and ventilation are an extra bonus. The most important thing though, is that I know it’s safe and I can compete with confidence”.

“Comfort saves lives and prevents brain injuries. If our helmets fit comfortably they will be purchased and worn more often,” stated Rick Timms, Troxel’s CEO. “Troxel’s unique research team created this remarkable fit system. Great styling plus this finely engineered GPS system strengthens the value of this quality training helmet for riders of all ages and riding disciplines.”

The new 2004 Spirit family is available in White, Black, Periwinkle, Navy Antiquus (horse motif) and American (flag motif) in small, medium and large. The Spirit can be purchased from select retailers and catalogs at an MSRP of $39.95.

About Troxel
Troxel is the world’s leading provider of ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmets for competitive, schooling and recreational riding. Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovative design and research leadership in helmetry, including award-winning helmets for United States cycling and equestrian Olympic teams. Based in San Diego, California, Troxel now dedicates its resources to equestrian helmets. It has sold over two million certified helmets into the equestrian field. Troxel’s CEO, Dr Richard Timms, is a research scientist and former physician specializing in critical care. He is dedicated to developing products that address public health and injury prevention needs.