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Cashel Company Crusader Fly Masks

Horse Tack Review Staff

Crusade… defined as a vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse. The Cashel Company has taken on their own crusade against pests on behalf of our horses. And with the Crusader Fly Masks, they appeared to have been victorious! The Cashel Company graciously provided two of their Crusader Fly Masks to us for review; The Crusader Pasture with Ears Long Fly Mask (shown left) and the Crusader Quiet-Ride Long Fly Mask for Riding (shown right).

The fly masks are made from a plastic coated mesh that blocks 70% of damaging UV rays. Light and white horses prone to sunburn can benefit from the optional long nose model of the fly masks. Also available with ears, the Cashel masks provide your horse with maximum protection from flies and mosquitoes.

As some horse people have turned to more natural techniques and products recently, a fly mask can be a safe alternative to chemical fly sprays. The Crusader Pasture Mask features a patented three hole cap that eliminates forelock damage, and a unique design that keeps the mesh away from the eye area. These features provide your horse with a comfortable fit. The Crusader Quiet-Ride Fly Mask features the same design as the pasture fly mask, but can also be worn over or under a bridle and will not impair the horse's vision while on the trails.

We thought the best horses to try these on were those that are a bit overly-sensitive to flies or needed the protection the most. Both masks with their long panels to protect the horse’s nose did just that. We found that the horses stopped shaking their heads due to gnats and pesky flies around their ears, eyes and noses. Unlike the average fly masks that only cover eyes and maybe ears, the Cashel covers just about the entire face, making the horse more comfortable and quiet while wearing one.

Some may be hesitant to use a fly mask while trail riding, the concern of it getting caught on a branch and spooking the horse was on our mind as well. With the mesh being tightly woven, it did not give anything for the branches or leaves to catch on to, and calmed our concerns. It made the trail ride much more relaxing as it kept the horse from being irritable with the pesky bugs in the woods.

We have come to the realization, not all fly masks are alike… it was apparent when you watched the horses in the pasture. The horse wearing the Cashel Pasture Mask with the nose and ear protection was definitely less irritated. The pasture mask was a perfect addition to our fly protection system.

In summary, the Cashel masks provided the most coverage than any mask we've seen. The long version with ear protection provides maximum protection from both flies and sun damage to the sensitive face areas. Tried and tested, we give the Cashel Masks 4 hooves up!