Rio Vista's Color Enhancing Shampoos

Horse Tack Review Staff

Rio Vista has provided the full line of their Color Enhancing Shampoos for review. All of the Rio Vista Products favor a natural approach to animal care. They use the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients rather than industrial grade used by other animal care products. The Color Enhancing Shampoos are made to tone, revitalize and restore luster to your horse’s coat. By depositing color as they clean and condition, they intensify natural highlights, remove stains and leave a lasting sheen. The shampoos are able to do this without the use of synthetic waxes of chemical solvents.

Color-enhancing shampoos are specially formulated to bring out the beauty of your horse's coat by bringing out the natural highlights. Hi Ho Silver adds brilliance and depth to gray horses. For chestnuts and bay coats use Ravishing Red. Golden Palomino adds brilliance and shine to palominos. For sorrel and light chestnuts use Sorrel Chestnut and for dark chestnuts and black coats use Hi Black Burgundy.

Hi-Ho Silver is formulated to enhance grey or white horse, but is able to be used on all coats. If you choose to use another shampoo on your horse’s coat, however, you will still want the Hi-Ho Silver for socks and markings and especially for getting rid of ‘yellow tail.’ How did one rider put it? “Hi-Ho Silver Rocks!” She used it on her paint horse, who is mostly white, and was obviously pleased. It even brought out additional shine to his bay coloring.

Sorrel Chestnut is used to brighten natural reddish-gold tones. Hey quarter horse fans! This is perfect for your bringing out the natural highlights in your horse. As the sun shines off of that broad chest and muscular legs, you will see the reds, the auburns and the ‘are those blonde?’- golden hairs stand out like they were painted with a brush.

As did the Sorrel Chestnut, Ravishing Red was a pleaser for red tones. This was used on the darker chestnut and lighter bay horses. If you like your bay to be darker, go with the Hi-Black Burgundy though.

Hi-Black Burgundy is formulated to create burgundy tones in dark coats. It is nice for dark bay and black coats, but be careful not to use too much too often. You only want to enhance and highlight the horse’s coat. Using the Hi-Black Burgundy too often can result in a purple horse. We didn’t experience this ourselves, but were advised by another.

Golden Palomino is used to enriches warm golden tones. This you’ll find fun… we didn’t have a Palomino to test this on, so in steps Tank. Tank is a boxer mix dog who is ‘brindle’ in color (blondish brown with black tiger stripes.) The Gold Palomino shampoo truly brought out the blonde in his coat. Now Tank has sensitive skin and normally gets an oatmeal formula shampoo. I was a bit nervous about using a horse shampoo on him, however, it didn’t bother him a bit! Rio Vista is being truthful when they say that their shampoos do not contain any harmful chemicals. Needless to say, we found a new dog shampoo!

Thank you to Rio Vista for providing us with the Color Enhancing Shampoos, the horses looked wonderful for show season! The Rio Vista Color Enhancing Shampoos are available in 16, 32 and 128 oz. sizes. Check for a retailer near you!
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