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Rapid Scrub... One Step Grooming

Horse Tack Review Staff

We are all looking for new products and innovations to make our lives easier, right? I mean, even in our every day lives, we have found ways to combine every day chores into one… you can now get your dry cleaning, photos and banking done at your local grocery store, oh, and don’t forget to pick up the kids from the day care center (also in the grocery store) on the way out! We have a 10-minute oil change, lunch within 15-minutes (or it’s free) and the 30-minute work out centers. We are getting things done faster and more conveniently… should grooming your horse be any different? NO!

Enter… Rapid Scrub! The one step grooming tool!

The makers of Rapid Scrub have taken the curry and the sponge to a whole new level. As you can see in the picture above, the sponge is fitted in between the curry piece and the handle to make this one tool. The Rapid Scrub is available in soft, for sensitive areas; medium, for general bathing; and hard, for spring baths and applying medication, but we only used the soft and medium versions.

Let’s back up for a minute. When you are preparing to give your horse a bath, not only do you have your bucket of soapy water to carry around, but sponges and curries as well. Who has that many free hands? Now you only need the two you’ve got since you only have one ‘tool’ to carry.

You dunk the Rapid Scrub into the bucket of soapy water and Wa-lah! You have a grooming tool that works with you. The sponge has soaked up your soap and water and as you are scrubbing away, it’s conveniently being dispensed for you. The rubber fingers penetrate deep into your horse’s coat to lift and whish away the dirt and grime, and at the same time, allowing the soap to clean down to the skin. If your horse is super-grungy, it is recommended that you apply soap directly to the sponge. This will give you a more concentrated formula when needed.

The Rapid Scrub is made up to three parts. The top cover, which has soft rubber knobs to hold the sponge in place, (It can also be used alone as a curry brush by simply holding it in the palm of your hand. The soft flexible rubber bends around those hard to reach places) the sponge, held in place between the cover and the curry, and the curry brush, featuring soft rubber fingers that penetrate the hair allowing the soap to clean down to the skin. There are small holes allowing the soap and water to flow through while washing and currying.

Rapid Scrub provides several options for purchase depending on your needs. Visit the Rapid Scrub website at for yours today!