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Hobby Horse Leather Chaps with Personal Magic Sizing

Horse Tack Review Staff

Ladies... what do you think of when you hear PMS? Ugh... I know, the bloating alone is enough to make you cringe. Even worse, trying to squeeeeeze into your "they fit yesterday" chaps. How would you feel if you found out that you could get riding chaps that would grow with you when needed? I'll tell you, I was ecstatic! Now, I’m not sure if Hobby Horse Clothing Company specifically had this in mind when they invented their PMS Chaps, but it sure seems like it… even the name… PMS! Finally, PMS can mean something wonderful… Personal Magic Sizing!

Hobby Horse Clothing Company has taken their best-selling split leather fringed chaps and added an almost-invisible strip of sturdy elastic down the inside of the leg. Whether you've gained a few pounds, sport 'classic curves' or are simply looking for greater comfort in leather chaps, then PMS technology is for you! Their select split leather is sueded on both sides, very durable, and offers a firm 'grip' against your saddle.

Due to the elastic, we were able to have several testers ride in the PMS chaps. This provided several more opinions then we would have had with one size. With more riders, came more wearing; providing a faster break in time, which didn’t take long. The suede was already soft and supple, so there wasn’t much of the – ‘ouch, these need to break in more!’ feeling that new chaps usually provide.

The elastic strip was a hit with all of the testers. The PMS is truly personal, giving a ‘custom’ fit to ‘off the shelf’ chaps. Most of our riders show Hunter/Jumpers, so no chaps in the ring, but they always wear them when schooling. Being that these are western chaps, they had to get used to the difference in style. They fit higher on the waist, in the natural waistline area, and the length is a longer to cover the western boot heel, and possibly spurs. The obvious big difference is the fringe on the western chap – but we liked that ;-). The western riders advised that they had been fond of Hobby Horse products in the past, and this reinforced their opinions. One western rider has a pair of the Hobby Horse Classic Ultrasuede Chaps, now going on about 3 years old, and still in great condition. I think she’s shopping for PMS chaps now though!

Hobby Horse is known as an authority for western show apparel, and the quality that they put into their products is second to none. The leather has a nice feel - not too thick, not too thin, and provides the extra grip needed without losing contact with your horse. The chaps feature heavy stitching and durable zippers; two-button back with fancy front buckle; and are available in black, sand, chocolate, or midnite. The regular inseam ranges with size, however 'short' and 'long' lengths are available if needed.

All in all, we were most pleased with the PMS Chaps, no longer is there a worry about eating too much over a holiday weekend and wondering if your chaps will fit again on Monday! Now… maybe Hobby Horse would consider an English School version soon??

Hobby Horse Leather Chaps with Personal Magic Sizing