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Wintec Pro Stock Saddle with Swinging Fender

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

Venture outback in an authentic yet comfortable Australian stock saddle made to withstand all weather conditions. The new Wintec Pro Stock with Swinging Fender has all the same advantages as the traditional Wintec stock saddle with the additional flexibility and closer contact of the swinging fender.

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CAIR Panel System - Revolutionary new air panel system that evenly distributes weight across the entire length of the panel, virtually eliminating pressure points. CAIR air panels fluidly adjust with the horse’s muscle movement.

Easy Change Gullet System - Allows on-the-spot adjusting of the saddle to fit correctly over the horse's wither. Allows the saddle to be fitted to suit the horse's changing shape. NOTE: The extra-wide gullet cannot be used with this saddle

Weatherproof - Synthetic materials used are not damaged by wet weather and dry out quickly.

Lightweight - Easy to handle and light for the horse.

Equisuede Seat - Microfibre based, equisuede is extremely comfortable to ride in and its surface is much softer than leather or equileather seats.

Highset poley knee pads - Set high into the saddle, softly padded and designed to lay along the thigh to provide security but minimise rider restriction.

Elastiflex tree - Flexible and wide in the seat but narrow through the waist for greater comfort and excellent communication.

Deep rolled cantle and gooseneck - Gooseneck front creates maximum room for the rider. Deep rolled cantle supports the riders back.

Swinging Fender - The Bates Kimberley with Swinging Fender offers all the same advantages as the Bates Kimberley with the added flexibility and closer contact afforded by the moveable leg flap.

Equisuede for good grip - Microfibre based, equisuede is extremely comfortable to ride in and its surface is much softer than leather or equileather seats.

Lifetime Guarantee on Wintec Tree

About Bates, maker of Wintec

Bates Australia is a saddle manufacturing company founded in 1934 and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. The company is run and owned by Ron Bates, who himself is a rider and trained saddler.

"To strive for excellence and innovation in our products" is a philosophy Bates Australia adheres to strongly, and it is from this philosophy that the revolutionary range of Wintec saddles emerged.

Wintec is a brand of high quality synthetic saddles manufactured by Bates Australia. Wintec saddles are constructed using radically unique synthetic materials like Equisuede and Equileather.

Equisuede is a premium material to be riding in as it provides the perfect level of grip, does not get slippery when wet and is quick drying. Equileather on the other hand is of the highest UV resistance, is specially impregnated to be sweat resistant and is the lowest maintenance material available for use in the construction of a saddle.

Wintec is internationally renowned and sold in more than 20 countries around the world. The success of Wintec has made Bates Australia the biggest volume seller of saddles under the one brand name in the world. The success of Wintec has also won Bates Australia a number of prestigious export and design awards.