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Grooma Horse Grooming Products Review

Horse Tack Review Staff

MiracleCorp, the manufacturer of the well known Grooma Product Line, has provided Horse Tack Review with their complete line of Grooma Horse Grooming Tools for review. It is truly amazing how far grooming tools have come over the years. We used to have a few staple items in our grooming boxes... a rubber curry, a few brushes, combs and a hoof pick. Now, not only can we choose between the stiffness of a brush's bristles, we can even have brushes made to fit our hand better that are more comfortable to use. And that is where Grooma appears...

Grooma is the leader in soft-grip grooming tools. Their brushes and other tools are designed to make grooming easier with the Santoprene rubber comfort grips. The tools are light, easy to use, and by far more comfortable on the hands than the old fashioned wooden brushes.

Now, when most hear 'Grooma', we think of the Original Grooma Groomer - the soft and flexible massaging curry we have all come to know and love. We still do! And we were equally impressed with the Grooma Sof-Touch version. The Sof-Touch version was perfect for the face and that little area behind the ears that they love to have rubbed.

Grooma Sof-Touch Brush

I cannot go any further without jumping to our favorite Grooma product - the Grooma Broadstroke. The broadstroke is a full sized body brush that features soft rubber curries. This provided a soothing and calming massage to the horses, one actually looked like he was falling asleep! The Grooma Broadstroke was by far our favorite grooming product!

Now that I've got that out of the way, we can move on to the fabulous world of Grooma brushes. The Grooma Horse Brushes are ergonomically designed for comfort, control and quality. The Santoprene rubber allows you to keep a nice grip even when the brush is wet. The brushes come in a wide variety of bristles and even sizes.

The horse size brushes are as follows:

Natural Boar Hair - Soft and gentle, perfect for finishing and faces.

Stiff Bristles - Penetrates deep into the horse's coat to removes dried mud and dirt.

Crimped Bristles - When a stiff brush is too much and a medium brush is too little, the crimped bristles easily remove surface dust and debris.

Medium Bristles - The all-around brush for everyday grooming. Leaves the coat clean and smooth.

Soft Bristles - The finishing touch to your grooming routine. Also helpful for sensitive areas such as the face.

Grooma even offers their Soft, Medium and Crimped Brushes in a 3/4 Pony Size! The smaller brushes were a huge hit with the younger riders, and even the older ones who have smaller hands. They fit nicely into small hands and keep your wrists from aching when using a bigger brush.

Miracle Coat- Equine Brushes

We were impressed with the brushes, not only how they performed, but how comfortable they truly are to use. But it didn't stop there...

Also available with Santoprene rubber handles are plastic and rubber sweat scrapers, mane and tail brush and comb and two kinds of shedding blades. A Fixed Shedding Blade and Sweat Scraper combination featured a lightweight and contoured handle, much easier to use than typical scrapers. An Opening Shedding Blade is a reversible blade with both fine and course teeth. The Grooma Opening Shedding Blade covers a larger area than most when in both the open and locked positions.

As you can tell, MiracleCorp/Grooma has hit the nail on the shoe with their grooming products. Not only have they designed and produced products that will please our horses, they've considered our needs as well. Grooma tools are not only easy to use, but comfortable as well. Now canter on over to your nearest tack shop and see for yourself... a Grooma-Groomed horse is a happy horse!

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