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Farnam Press Release

PHOENIX, Ariz. – (July 1, 2004) As hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan press onward,Americans remain concerned for the estimated 200,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in these regions. National news outlets report the dangers faced by our troops each day—including car bomb attacks, convoy assaults and other violent struggles. Volunteers from St. Christopher’s Episcopalian Church in Killeen, Texas decided to actively help by sending care packages to the armed forces in these countries. Farnam Horse Products has joined their efforts by donating EZ Trap sticky fly traps to include in the congregation’s packages.

“The latest deployment of more than 30,000 troops from Fort Hood has greatly impacted our community, since many of the enlisted are St. Christopher’s members. Indeed, several sons, daughters, fathers, and friends of our members have also been deployed,” said Oley Mills, retired army captain and assistant project coordinator. “We all wanted to pull our resources together and lend a hand to those fighting for freedom.

“We didn’t receive this type of crucial support during the Vietnam War, but I know how uplifting it must be to receive goodies from home.”

The project began in January 2003. Every month, church volunteers assemble and send 50 boxes with books, magazines, candy, peanuts, and stationery, as well as special items during the holidays. The packages also include a feedback card for additional requests from the soldiers. One of those cards expressed an enormous need for fly traps, which prompted Mills to approach Farnam.

“We’re pleased we could provide a significant supply of EZ Traps to St. Christopher’s,” said Liz Bishop, marketing manager for Farnam’s fly control products. “It’s gratifying to be a part of this collective effort to help the troops.”

The EZ Traps are insecticide-free and have an adhesive surface that is rainproof and never dries out—allowing it to continuously trap flies and other flying insects both indoors and out. It provides complete versatility of use -- hang it up, stand it up, or “gang” several traps together in high infestation areas for improved efficiency.

Several soldiers have already written thank you notes for “bringing a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts,” Mills said.

What’s more, the following words were written by a soldier with the First Calvary Division Fort Hood, Texas: “Keep sending the packages with fly traps and snacks. It helps us pass the days, and it helps all of the soldiers here remember that there are people back home thinking of us as we go through our daily trials.”

For more information about Farnam insect traps or other horse products, in the United States call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or direct at (602) 285-1660, or go to on the Internet. Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., is a privately held company and a leader in the animal health products industry.

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