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Cheval International Horse Coat Enhancers

Horse Tack - Grooming Supplies

Black-As-Knight Coat Enhancer for Blacks and Bays, protects against burnt orange looking blacks and bays. Formulated from an all natural combination of healthy oils, seaweeds, spices, and more, this may be the finest coat conditioner you ever try on any color horse. Black-As-Knight is also good for hooves, manes, tails, and coats of every color. Feed 2 to 6 heaping tablespoons by with horse's grain. For larger horses or during the heat of summer, you may want to double/triple the dose.

Gold-As-Sun coat enhancing supplement for palominos formulated to emphasize golden & bronze highlights. Helps to keep coats rich & shiny. Feed 2 heaping Tbsp daily by mixing with horse's grain. For larger horses or during the heat of summer, you may want to double or triple the dose.

White-As-Snow - Cheval international is proud to announce the release of the hottest new coat enhancer! In the tradition of Black-As-Knight coat enhancer for blacks and bays, Cheval has just released White-AS-Snow. This unique coat enhancer formula is designed to maximize your horse's coat making him snow blindingly white. In addition, White-As-Snow adds shine while stopping the drying ravages of the sun. Grays, pintos and other light colored horses will love it as well. As always, Cheval's latest product is healthy, natural and compatible with every feed program.