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Jeffers Equine Gift Certificates Winners, June 2004

Horse Tack Review Staff

Horse Tack Review wishes to congratulate Heather and Sunny (Utah) and Camille and Bongo (Florida)! They are the latest winners in Horse Tack Review’s contests. Heather and Camille each received $200.00 in Gift Certificates to Jeffers Equine. You can see how happy Heather and Sunny are, and maybe later we will have a photo to share from Camille and Bongo.

When Heather learned of her win, this is what she had to say… Before I buy anything horse related I check Horse Tack Review. The descriptions manufacturers provide make everything sound so wonderful, or don't give enough information. Thanks for putting all the reviews on line so everyone can use them. These reviews provide a point of view from the REAL WORLD and save us all money and time.

I am so excited to have won the $200 gift certificate. Sunny and I are going to have lots of fun deciding what to get. I want new boots and half chaps. Sunny and his friends want the pineapple treats, the peppermint swirl treats, and the pumpkin raisin treats, the yucca crumbles, and don't forget the honeydew treats, and the watermelon treats!! I wonder which of us will get what we want?

When Camille learned of her win, she also expressed her gratitude… Wow! A big thank you Horse Tack Review! I can’t say how happy I was when I stumbled across your site. Being that I keep my horses at home, and not many people around me have horses, I have little input when it comes to making purchases. I usually ask advice from my local tack shop owner, but sometimes I just want the opinion of the every day rider.

I was trying to research a new close contact saddle when I found Horse Tack Review. I was very pleased to see that the saddle I was looking to buy had received a good mark from other riders. I was convinced and bought the Bates Caprilli from State Line Tack. That was a few months ago and I have been very happy with my new saddle… I guess I need to review it now!

Congratulations to both of our winners. Remember that there are no limits to the number of reviews you can write! The more you submit, the greater your chances are of winning!