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Equividi Enters into a Partnership with Motion Research to Develop and Market Head-Mounted-Displays Technology to Equestrian Sports

Horse Health Press Release

Saratoga, CA (PRWEB) July 8, 2004 -- Equividi Inc. has entered into a partnership with Motion Research Corporation to develop and market Head-Mounted-Displays (HMD) technology to equestrian sports. Teaming with Motion Research is a natural extension of Equividi's mission of creating products that enhance the partnership between rider and horse. The SportVue HMD product will be part of a solution that provides the rider an eye level display of information while riding. Coupled with the HMD will be Equividi’s information acquisition system. Products from Equividi will be available in Fall of 2004.

Equestrian sports place a requirement of intense concentration and focus on both the rider and horse. When the rider takes his eyes from the direction of travel the horse can sense it immediately. Depending on the speed the rider is traveling this can increase the likelihood of a mishap leading to injury. Current solutions that provide information about heart rate, speed of travel, and timing require the rider to take his attention from the task and look at a watch-like device. The horse can sense this change of concentration where both are far more vulnerable to an accident. Many riders and trainers chose to forgo the use of technology that could greatly increase their competitive edge for this reason.

"We are very excited to partner with Equividi to bring our SportVue products to the equestrian sports market," said Dominic Dobson, President and CEO of Motion Research Corporation. "I believe together we can bring a competitive edge to riders and trainers."

"Equividi will offer advanced products that allow rider and trainer the ability to use the latest technology and information to complement their existing training program," said Robert A. Rogers, President and CEO of Equividi Inc. "The rider will be able to maintain concentration and focus while viewing real-time information which enhances both safety and training techniques."

About Motion Research Corporation

Incorporated in 1993, Motion Research Corporation (MRC) develops technologies that address the issue of information retrieval while in motion. MRC currently has two products, based upon its patented technologies: A head-mounted display (HMD) and the Autonomous Personal Data Recorder and Transmitter (APDRT) system.

About Equividi Inc.

Equividi Inc., incorporated in 2004, was created to use technology to help improve the health and conditioning of horses. The products have been developed to provide insight and information to help equestrians maximize performance as well as improve the overall well being of their equine partners. The products provide an advantage to serious competition riders, but are also designed to help committed horse owners provide improved care and better address health concerns sooner, helping to reduce veterinary costs and improving quality of life.