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Jane Savoie Olympic Dressage Coach for Canadian Eventing Team

Dressage Press Release

United States Equestrian Team member Jane Savoie has been asked to be the Olympic dressage coach for the Canadian eventing team. Building on her 1996 and 2000 coaching experiences, Savoie brings her competitive expertise in the international arena to the Canadian team.

Working with Jim Wofford, Canadian Eventing International Technical Advisor and Eventing Team Coach for the 2004 Olympic Games, Savoie will be assisting with various training camps prior to the Olympics. "The best part of coaching is to see how open and appreciative the riders are and to track their progress from training session to training session," said Savoie.

The initial training sessions were held in February and March in Florida, Georgia, respectively. Additional training will take place July 27 thru August 2nd at the York Equestrian Centre in Newmarket, Ontario in preparation for the competition August 14-18 at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.