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New High Antigen Mass Equine Flu Vaccine Available in the U.S.

Horse Health Press Release

A new vaccine now available from Pfizer Animal Health, Flumune® A2 KY98 contains the most current equine influenza isolate now available in the U.S.: Kentucky 98. Flumune represents an entirely new breed of vaccine combining a high antigen mass with an established antigen purification system to safely produce significant immune responses in horses.

“Equine influenza continues to be a significant, ongoing concern for all horses and is responsible for approximately 50% - 60% of viral respiratory outbreaks,” notes Robert Holland, DVM, PhD, Senior Technical Services Veterinarian at Pfizer Animal Health. “Recent evidence suggests that once aerosolized, it is possible for influenza to travel up to one quarter mile to infect other horses,” Dr. Holland adds. “Flumune’s high antigen mass, combined with its purification system, produces a vaccine that is highly effective and safe. Blinded control studies have shown that this vaccine not only produces an extremely high level of immunity but it eliminates fever and viral shedding in most horses vaccinated.”

Equine influenza is the most common virus that affects horses throughout the world. This virus is spread by aerosolized respiratory secretions of an infected horse and may survive for hours on inanimate objects. Influenza’s transmission period is one to three days and animals can shed the virus for four to eight days after infection. Clinical signs of the disease include a high fever (102 – 106 °F), mucopurulent nasal discharge, coughing, anorexia and lethargy. Flu may progress to life threatening plureal pneumonia and even possible death.

For more information on Flumune® A2 KY98, and Pfizer Animal Health’s complete line of equine products, visit on the Web.