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Protection for Horses from Mosquitoes

Horse Tack - Fly Repellants

When summer settles in, so do the season's uninvited pests including mosquitoes. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that horse owners implement safeguards to prevent animals' exposure to mosquitoes--because the insects are known to spread the potentially fatal West Nile Virus (WNV). In fact, more than 40 mosquito species have been found to carry the disease.

Since WNV was first detected in the United States in 1999, the number of horses affected by the virus grew steadily to 14,717 in 2002 alone. According to the Center for Disease Control, 14 states have reported cases of WNV this year. As the equine veterinary community is aware, approximately one-third of horses infected with the disease die or are euthanized, while those that survive are sometimes left permanently disabled.

Mosquito Halt® Repellent Spray for Horses from Veterinary Products Laboratories (VPL) repels and kills mosquitoes and provides both a quick knockdown and residual control against mosquitoes. It contains two insecticides, permethrin and prallethrin, as well as two repellents, MGK 326 and Butoxypolypropylene glycol. The spray also includes aloe, lanolin, and paba sunscreen for further protection from the elements.

“Horse owners are always looking for ways to keep their horses protected and this is one more key step toward comprehensive protection,” said Deanna Stamy, marketing manager for VPL's horse products. “Mosquito Halt is an option for veterinarians to offer their clients in addition to existing vaccines.”

For maximum protection, Mosquito Halt® should be applied daily for two to three days. As the infestation subsides, repeat treatment every five to 10 days. It should be reapplied if the animal has been washed or exposed to heavy rain.

Mosquito Halt® also provides protection against gnats, face flies, stable flies, and house flies on horses, ponies and foals.

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