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Troxel Dakota Duratec All-Trails Recreational Helmet

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

The Troxel Dakota Duratec All-Trails Riding Helmet extended sun visor, silver conchos, and leather accenting give the Dakota a unique trail look. A highly ventilated helmet provides for long days in the saddle. Additional features include the GPS stabilization system and Flip- Fold Fit System.

GPS I - The original equestrian helmet stabilization system. The GPS I gently cradles the back of the head to reduce helmet "bob" and provide a secure fit.

The Flip-Fold Fit System provides an adjustable inner liner that can be made thinner or thicker to accommodate various head shapes and hairstyles. Adjustment is made by simply folding over the integrated tabs.

Troxel Dakota Duratec All-Trails Recreational Helmet

About Troxel

Troxel's mission is to develop the equestrian industry's finest performance headgear for the comfort and protection of all riders. We're innovators! Our research and development brings riders the latest in technologies, materials, style and fit. We are committed to excellence and quality in the products we deliver and the service we provide.

Troxel has had a significant impact on reducing equestrian related head injures and deaths. We're the world's leading provider of certified helmets for performance, schooling and recreational riding. Located in San Diego, California, Troxel has proven its unique public health dedication by offering only certified equestrian helmets during its 15 year equestrian history. Since 1990 Troxel has delivered over 2 million helmets to the equestrian market under the leadership of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Timms, MD.