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Yoga for Equestrians

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Whether one rides Western reining patterns, dressage, or the trails, this new program of yoga for equestrians will help every rider build a stronger mind-body connection for improved performance. Yoga integrated with horsemanship produces desirable rider qualities, such as enhanced awareness, flexibility, balance, and correct breathing in rhythm with movement. The book begins with an introduction to the practice of yoga and the roles of meditation and visualization. The authors then move on to basic yoga positions (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), followed by exercise routines that focus on body areas that are key to improving the rideršs seat and communication with the horse. All exercises are demonstrated with detailed photos, and there are warm-up and cool-down routines that can easily be performed at home, at the barn, or at shows. The book concludes with some specially designed routines for mounted yoga.

Yoga for Equestrians

Linda Benedik is the director of Harmony with Horses Balanced Riding Program and a long-time yoga student.

Veronica Wirth is founder of Integrated Yoga* and rides for pleasure. Both authors live and teach in Southern California.