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Andis Heavy Duty Endurance Horse Clippers

Horse Tack - Horse Clippers

Racine, WI – Andis introduces an addition to its Endurance line, the new Heavy Duty Horse Clipper with 220 watts of power to assure a reliable performance with every cut. This Heavy Duty Horse Clipper has been designed and engineered for durability, with a motor that stays cool, even when it’s used continuously. It’s quiet. It’s comfortable. It’s the perfect clipper.

“With every product we manufacture, Andis focuses on innovation in engineering,” says Fred Koeller, Vice President of Marketing at Andis, “We are constantly searching for ways to improve our products in real, substantive ways—last longer, run quieter, cut better. Just when we think we can’t improve a clipper, we figure out a way to enhance its power and performance. Everyone has seen a real difference in performance by equipping our Heavy Duty Horse Clipper with 220 watts of power.”

There are several ways the performance of the Heavy Duty Horse Clipper has been enhanced. A patented blade tension adjustment that’s quick and simple has been added. This adjustment assures that clipping tension is constant and prolongs the life of the blade. With an extra long power cord, the clipper can be maneuvered in a larger area and is easier to use. Its motor has been designed to be slimmer and lighter. Vibration is minimal, because the motor is counter balanced.

Safety features include a thermal overload to protect the motor from accidental damage. Also, the body of the clipper is double insulated to eliminate the possibility of transferring power surges.

Maintenance is intended to be simple with the Heavy Duty Horse Clipper. Everything you need to keep it performing well is included with the clipper—the 31-15 blade set with both top and bottom blades for close clipping; clipper oil; screwdriver; blade brush; sturdy carrying case; and an instruction manual. There’s quick and easy access in the clipper for brush replacement. The Heavy Duty Horse Clipper comes with Andis’ one year limited warranty.

Andis has a proprietary carburized hardening process for its blades. Adding carbon to the cutting edge of the blades significantly extends the life of the blade and ensures top quality cutting capabilities. The combination of the blade’s precision ground cutting edge and Andis’ proprietary carburized hardening process boosts the performance of the Heavy Duty Horse Clipper. These blades are designed to be resharpened to provide years of exceptional cutting performance.

Andis Company has been manufacturing handheld equipment to trim, cut, curl and dry hair since 1922. The company’s products are purchased worldwide by barber and beauty shops, consumers, hotels, motels, resorts, small animal groomers and large animal groomers and shearers. To find a local distributor, call the company at 800-558-9441 or visit their Web site at