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Easyboot by Easy Care

Horse Tack Product Spotlight - Horse Boots

The Easyboot is the ultimate in hoof protection and one of the most important items you should carry with you on any ride. Prevent lameness and frustration when you lose a shoe far from home and still finish your ride without compromising the heath and safety of your horse. Easyboots can also be worn in place of steel shoes or even over steel shoes for additional protection, traction and cushioning on rocks and hard ground. These boots are ideal for horses with navicular, founder, abscesses and other hoof-related medical problems. Made from durable urethane and in sizes to fit most horses, these boots will outlast any steel shoe!

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The History of the Easyboot


n 1970 when Dr. Neel Glass, a nuclear physicist at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, found his horse suffering from navicular disease, he began work on an idea that would prove to be a revolution in hoof care for horses. He developed the tough, durable polyurethane EASYBOOT. The boot is used for correction and treatment of founder, navicular, nail punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels, and other impact caused injuries. It provides excellent hoof protection for both occasional and long distance riding and gives a secure fit for traction on rocks, pavement, snow and ice. Most endurance riders use EASYBOOTS as a shoeing alternative or as a spare tire when a horse loses a shoe.

In January of 1994, the boot was upgraded to provide greater grip to the hoof. All EASYBOOTS manufactured after that date have new grip plates inside. Upgrade kits are available from dealers or Easy Care, Inc. for those boots made prior to January 1994.

The inside sole surface is designed to absorb shock and allow air to circulate under the hoof. The frog of the hoof rests on the cushioned, flexible, inside sole and receives healthy natural pressure.

The lightweight polyurethane boots are worn when needed, and most importantly in correlation with a proper hoof trimming or treatment program. Generally speaking, the less extreme forms of corrective shoeing are really corrective trimming.

Corrective trimming is equally valid whether a horse is shod with steel shoes, is barefoot, or is wearing EASYBOOTS.

Their use is a natural way to provide hoof protection, traction, treatment, cushioning, and correction and yet the horse is easily allowed to go barefoot at all other times. They are easy to put on and take off. They fit snugly to the hoof; are lighter than standard steel plates, and wear many times longer. Properly fitted, they stay on as well as nailed-on shoes with an important advantage - If an EASYBOOT is pulled off, the rider can put it right back on.