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Horse Tack Press Release

PHOENIX, Ariz. - It’s what every horse owner wants to hear -- that they’ve received a windfall to spend on their animals. Michael Wagner of Woodville, N.Y. received this news when he became Farnam’s Continuex ® $5,000 Shopping Spree winner. He was chosen from hundreds of entries submitted during the Farnam-sponsored contest that ended April 2, 2004. Wagner named Blue Seal Feeds as his favorite dealer and supplier for the buying binge, scheduled for July 29 at noon.

“I am excited to be the winner of the Continuex ® shopping spree. I’ve been using the product on my 14 Arabian horses since it was first available,” Wagner said. “I use the product so much, that I convinced my dealer, Blue Seal Feeds, to carry the 50 lb. bucket.”

Two runners up, Jennifer Pray of Rehoboth, Mass. and Karen Gross of Riverton, Utah, will receive a year’s supply of Continuex ® (approximate value of $175).

Daily deworming with pyrantel tartrate, the active ingredient in Continuex ®, provides constant protection against parasites that harm a horse most: small and large strongyles, roundworms and pinworms. Continuex ® breaks the parasite life cycle by killing worms as soon as they enter the horse, which stops parasite damage before it starts. Continuex ® is the only daily dewormer that offers:

Constant protection against 18 species and stages of worms.

Free IverCare ® (ivermectin) twice a year.

Continuex ®, palatable and easy to feed, can be top-dressed or mixed-in with a horse’s daily grain ration. It may be fed to foals as soon as they start eating grain, which typically begins at two to three months of age. Continuex ® is approved for stallions and mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation.

For information on Farnam dewormers or other horse products, in the United States call toll free at (800) 234-2269, direct at (602) 285-1660 or go to on the Internet. Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., is a privately held company and a leader in the animal health products industry.

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